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ASSERT condition was violated /DBM/CL_BAL===================CP

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I'm trying to do a reservation from webdynpro app for MRS.

When I click select the VIN and click continue it produces a 500 internal error.

I go to ST22 to find "ASSERT condition was violated" error in ABAP program "/DBM/CL_BAL===================CP" in "CONSTRUCTOR".

I started a debugging session to find the following:

iv_object and iv_subobject values

*.................. Create Application log............................ *

  ls_s_log-extnumber       = iv_extnumber.

  ls_s_log-object          = iv_object.  "value in debugger = BUS1006

  ls_s_log-subobject       = iv_subobject.  "value in debugger is empty

  ls_s_log-aldate          = sy-datum.    " Datum

  ls_s_log-altime          = sy-uzeit.    " Uhrzeit

  ls_s_log-aluser          = sy-uname.    " Benutzername

  ls_s_log-altcode         = sy-tcode.    " Transaktionscode

  ls_s_log-alprog          = sy-repid.    " Programmname

  ls_s_log-almode          = sy-batch.    " Betriebsmodus (Dialog...

  ls_s_log-alchdate        = sy-datum.    " Datum der letzten Änd.

  ls_s_log-alchtime        = sy-uzeit.    " Uhrzeit der letzten Änd.

  ls_s_log-alchuser        = sy-uname.    " Änderer des Protokolls



      i_s_log                 = ls_s_log


      e_log_handle            = mv_log_handle


      log_header_inconsistent = 1

      OTHERS                  = 2.

  ASSERT sy-subrc = 0.

Please help urgently.

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Hi Mohamed,

please consider the reply in your OSS incident for this problem:

The issue is caused by entries in BALSUB database table. In standard there are no entries in this table for object BUS1006 but in customer production system there are two entries CREATE and CHANGE.

In standard we do not expect any entry there. Because of those two additional entries error message is raised as it is not possible to generate balog which is needed during the process. As a consequence dump occurs and process is terminated.

In order to solve the issue we would recommend to remove two entries from standard database table BALSUB. Entries for main object BUS1006. Subobjects CREATE and CHANGE.