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ASM || Remove session Attributes on end customer emulation by ASAgent

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Hi ,

We want to remove all the user specific/custom attribute values added in session, once ASM agent stops or ends the customer session.

Current Behaviour-> if ASM agent is emulated customer X and on load of my custom page , i'm setting
sessionservice.setAttribute("attribute1","value1) in session. Now agent clicks on end session and emulates customer Y, now after emulation of a different user still i see that the value of "attribute1 "is still in session.

Similarly we have multiple custom attributes set in session which are user specific which we want to remove on end of user emulation. and we cannot remove these attributes individually using sessionService.removeAttribute("") as there are multiple such attributes in session. Cannot do sessionService.invalidate() has this removes ASM agent also from session.

If any one faced similar issues or any suggestions on how to clear session without logging out the agent , will be of great help.

Thanks. #ASM #Session Removal #Assisted Service Module

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