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Advanced Search in Backoffice by Catalog version

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Hi, I'm trying to add a custom ConditionSearchController to filter only staged products in a custom view in backoffice. I followed the official guide:

They explain how to filter by custom field and Approval field adding SearchConditionData:

 private static final String APPROVAL_STATUS = "approvalStatus";
 final FieldType approvalStatus = new FieldType();
 SearchConditionData(approvalStatus, ArticleApprovalStatus.APPROVED, ValueComparisonOperator.EQUALS)

But if I try to add "catalogVersion" field and then add a SearchConditionData

 SearchConditionData catalogCondition = new SearchConditionData(catalogVersion, "Staged", ValueComparisonOperator.EQUALS);

Doesn't work, i have not found a enum class like ArticleApprovalStatus for Catalog version, I suppose it's part of the problem

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Hi Leonardo,

Try setting the whole CatalogVersionModel object as condition value, not just it's name in String form.