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Adding Expiry Date Column to Batch Selection Screen in Customer Checkout

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Dear experts,

I hope this message finds you well.

I have a requirement to add an extra column of expiry date to the batch selection screen from B1 of Sap Customer Checkout through a plugin.


Kindly note that we are working with the SAP Customer Checkout version 2.0 FP17.

To develop the new feature, I have planned to build a new screen for the batch selection.

Here is where I trigger the event (for popup new screen) for selecting the batch number from the CCO backend.

@PluginAt(pluginClass = ManagedByBatchOrSerialNumberPosService.class, method = "fetchBatchOrSerialNumbers", where = POSITION.BEFORE)

               public void checkBatchItem(Object proxy, Object[] args, StackTraceElement caller) {

                              JSONObject payLoad = new JSONObject();

                              payLoad.put("type", "event");

                              payLoad.put("eventName", "EXTEND_EXPIRY_DATE_EVENT");

                              //adding event payload data article id, quantity and stock location

                              BroadcasterHolder.INSTANCE.getBroadcaster().broadcastActionForPath("/ws/tech", "plugin", payLoad);



Here is the JS code for listening to the event. 

			'handleEvent': (event) =>{
				if(event.getType() == "EXTEND_EXPIRY_DATE_EVENT"){
					const payLoad = event.getPayload();
					const popupConfig = {
						//popup configurations
					this.eventBus.push('SHOW_GENERIC_POPUP', popupConfig);


And these are also a work fine. But the main problem is

  1. Where should I set the batch number to show in the previous menu (Where to return the batch number)?
  2. Showing data on the newly created menu?

I have created a separate scenario package for retrieving the data including the expiry date. 

Here is the output of the scenario package.

        <ExpDate>2022-04-30 00:00:00.0</ExpDate>
        <ExpDate>2022-04-30 00:00:00.0</ExpDate>

Your valuable guidance, articles, or documents related to solving these problems are greatly appreciated.

Thank You.!

Best Regards,






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Dear experts! Could you help me out with this question? I Would appreciate your expertise on this.