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In the below document I would like to cover SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Integration With Facebook

Note : Any screen shots and navigation steps from Facebook as shown below might be different as Facebook choose to change the navigation.

Kindly follow the steps to configure the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Integration With Facebook.

1. Setting up Facebook Integration in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

In order to see Social Media Messages in the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer system.

Follow the below steps to scope your implementation project accordingly.

  • Go to Business Configuration work center
  • Select Implementation Projects
  • Select the appropriate project
  • Select  Edit Project Scope
  • In the scoping expand Service
  • Select the Customer Care and Service Request Management
  • After enabling these options go through the Questions under these scoping elements and enable the question Do you want to support direct messages for Facebook channels? Hereafter confirm and finish the scoping.

2. Create Facebook API for setting up the integration with Facebook

The steps below will explain how you will create the Facebook API key, now start the process to create the API application for the Facebook account that is to be used to feed the communication into SAP Hybris Clod for Customer system.

Any comment and post specifically directed to this account will be passed into the SAP Hybris Clod for Customer system.

  • Log In to the Facebook Account
  • Go to Profile Settings
  • Select Apps section

  • At the button of the Apps section select the Developer hyperlink.

  • This now allows us to create the Facebook side connectivity.
  • To do this start by choosing the button to Create a New App.

Create New Facebook App

  • The system generates the APP ID and APP Secret.
  • Provide the Display name, and contact email id.
  • Complete the required fields as detailed, agree to the terms and conditions.

  • Provide add the Website and enter the  Site URL will be the same as SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer System URL.
  • Make a note Application ID ,select the Show button to display the App Secret and make a note of the Application Secret keys that have been generated for your application.

  • Now select the Save Changes button.

3. Create SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Media Channel.

You need to create social media channel in the SAP Cloud for Customer system to set up the communication to your Facebook application.

  • Log in to the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer system then navigate to silver light version of the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer via adaptation option on the menu as shown below

  • To create Media Channel navigate to the Administration work center and select the Service and Social view
  • Now select Social Media Channel

  • Select the New icon to create a New channel

  • Select the Social Media Channel Type as Facebook then enter the Facebook Application ID key and Application Secret keys generated when the Facebook Application was setup

  • Now select Connect With Channel button which establishes the link to Facebook Account.

  • A  new browser window will be open from Facebook website, asking for the account authorization for SAP Hybris Cloud For Customer to communicate with Facebook account.
  • Now enter the details then select the Authorize App continue.
  • Now SAP Cloud for Customer confirms the connection and you can close the window.

  • Now select the Get Accounts Details button.

  • This action simply fills the Channel field with Facebook handle.
  • Fill the ID (should not be more than 10 char), Language field and Save and Close.
  • Selection of Block Responses enables you to stop your service agents from replying to Facebook message from within the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer systems.
  • Selection of Facebook Account For Responses enables you to replies to originate from the another Facebook handle.

4. Schedule a Communication Job

Schedule a Communication Job to have communication between Facebook Account and SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer System.

  • First select the newly create channel and open the summary of the media channel.
  • Next step is to create a background job to run on a periodic basis to collect the relevant Facebook Message which is  created.
  • Select the Create Run icon as shown below.

  • Confirm the correct Channel Id is automatically selected.

Note : you can use the single job to poll different media channels by adding relevant channel Id.

  • The last step is to schedule for background job.

  • Select the Schedule icon as shown below.

  • Enter the details required to scheduling the background job.

5. Further Processing

  • When the Facebook messages are directed at your Facebook Account, the message will be now automatically fed into the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer system.
  • The messages can be seen in the Tickets view of Service Work center as shown below and also under Social Media Messages view.

  • Now you can open the Ticket and further process this ticket directly by clicking on the associated ticket. The employees can further process the ticket and also respond via Social Media communication channels.
  • The system also automatically finishes customer, product, priority fields if these can be established.
  • And also workflow rules can be created to automatically assign tickets to service teams or individual employees , this assignment triggers the notification to be raised within the system and sends emails to the relevant parties if required.

  • If the tickets are not created then go to the Channel ID, here you can see the application logs to see the data is imported to the SAP Cloud for Customer system was successful or not.

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Dear Sahalya,

First of all thanks for the post.  It’s really helpful.

I’m trying to connect my system with Facebook following your steps but I can’t finish the integration.

Let me explain my problem:

I try to create the Media Channel (Step 3) and I press the button “Connect With Channel” a new browser window open but I see this message:

I select the OK button and it look like works successfully.

Then I select the Get Accounts Details button. It action should fills the Channel field with Facebook handle as you say but this is not happening.

So I need to submit my App for Facebook review?

I appreciate your help.

Best Regards,

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Dear Jorge,

Thank you for your comment.

Kindly revisit the APP ID,APP SECRET keys , system URL details and try to establish the connection once again.

Best regards,


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Hi Sahalya, Thanks for reply, I appreciate it. I checked the APP ID, APP SECRET key and the system URL details then I tried to establish the connection again, but it doesn’t work. I see the same message and I can’t get account details. Any other idea? Regards,

Former Member

Hi Jorge,

you need to create a page within your Facebook page and then it will be displayed when you click "Get Account Details".

After that you will be able get the feeds done within that page.


Former Member
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Hi Sahalya Begum,

I able to setup the Facebook. Now each of the message post in FB I will see as a ticket in C4C. But I have a problem whereby when I reply with comment for the user post, user unable to see the reply. Only the person who maintain the page can see the replies.

Any idea why?
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Hi Adrian,

I have the same issue, I raised an incident but today I can't fixed it. If you already fixed it please let me know.



Former Member
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Thanks and very usefull.

Can anyone help me how to integrate facebook hybris marketing On premise??



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I followed above steps to integrate C4C with facebook but when i'm trying to click on connect with channel, i'm getting the below error. Can any one please help me out of this issue.

Error : Cant load URL : The domain of this URL isn't included in the app domain. To be able to load this URL, add all domains and subdomains of your app to the app domains field in your app settings.


Thanks and Regards

Lakshmi Venkatesh
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Hello, if you were not able to fix this issue yet, you need to fix a setting in your facebook app settings.

Change OAuth embedded application access to 'Yes' and it will work - additionally make sure you have published your fb id and have a page which is set in the app settings as well.


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Thanks for your reply. Its working fine now.


Thanks and Regards

Lakshmi Venkatesh
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Hi Lakshmi,


Were you able to fix this issue? We are facing the same issue in our Prod tenant. Could you help if you have solved the issue?



Former Member
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Do you use Facebook?


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Hello Experts,

As of March 2018, facebook has made enabled 'Strict mode' mandatory for all the facebook apps. This is affecting establishing connection from SAP C4C to Facebook (please correct if I am wrong).

So as an alternative, is any steps to be followed for overcoming this strict mode.

Please help in establishing connection between C4C and Facebook.



Manson J
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Hello Experts!

I have obtained the App Key and App Secret which is required in the step 2. However in step 3 when I click Connect with Channel a new window opens and I get "URI blocked" error message (Screenshot attached)


Has anyone faced this issue? It would be really helpful if someone can explain how to overcome this issue and successfully establish the connection between C4C and Facebook.



Aditya Shetty
Active Contributor
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not only c4c many apps are having this problem since Zuckerberg decided to change security policy or something. its annoying.
Active Contributor
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looking forward for the answers.

I think when u click on Connect to channel , below URL gets called :



and i think here i see many issues i think , 1st : Version 2.12 i think it should 3.1

2nd : Scope : Fb no longer allows read_page_mailboxes,publish_pages ( as far as i know )


So i am not sure how the hell existing customers who have the fb integrations are working.


@Anant Acharya : is there any social expert on scn! 🙂 that would be a great help.
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Hi Sahalya,


I followed your blog to create the integration between my C4C system adn facebook. I followed each step as it is and when i try to "connect with channel" , i got the below error.

When i click on "OK" i got the below message. If any only resolved this error . please let me know.

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Hi Dhruvin,


did you find the solution or workaround on 2nd bullet - Scope? (Fb no longer allows read_page_mailboxes,publish_pages)


Kind regards,

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Hi Raju,


Did you find an answer to your problem ?


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Hi Sahalya,

I have followed all your instructions and I am facing a problem with the step 'select Get Accounts Details button'.

Nothing happens when I click on it and therefore it's not possible to save.

The previous step 'Connect with the channel' has been successfully executed.

Please help.

Many thanks,