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 The SAP Universal ID – A new seamless login experience


Do you sometimes struggle to remember multiple IDs & passwords to login to the SAP Portal? Good news- now you don’t have to!

Read below to learn about the SAP Universal ID and how it can help you to enjoy a seamless login experience across our various sites.


SAP has created the SAP Universal ID “a unified account across SAP sites that puts YOU in control by linking all your existing company associations (S/P-user IDs) and switching between them as needed”

The SAP Universal ID is a personal and lifelong authentication for SAP portals now and in the future. Users enter one password and, once logged in, can choose from any of their linked accounts, your SAP Universal ID grows with you over time as your relationship with SAP continues to evolve.




Learn more about SAP’s Universal ID Here!

Let’s talk about the Benefits of creating an SAP Universal ID

1) All your S User IDs and P User IDs are linked to one Universal ID

2) No need to remember multiple user IDs and passwords

3) Seamless user experience across all SAP sites

4) You can link your SAP Universal ID, to your personal email address so it always remains with you throughout your career and does not change when you change companies

5) SAP has created SAP Universal ID Account Manager (SAM) as a single point entry to manage all your accounts


Create your SAP Universal ID today!


Please find the steps outlined in the below KBA:2882963 - How to create SAP Universal ID - SAP ONE Support Launchpad

Step 1- Go to SAP Universal ID Account Manager and create your SAP Universal ID

Step 2- Now you can link your existing accounts to your SAP Universal ID

Step 3- Enter email address of the account you want to link

Step 4- SAP will send you a verification code, to complete the linking process

Step 5- Now your account is linked, you can view all your linked accounts in your SAP Universal ID Account Manager login.

Step 6- When you login to any SAP site, you always have the option of choosing which linked account you want to use, you do not need to enter any password.


Thank you for reading, we hope you found it useful!


Resources used in this blog:

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us in the Q&A  All Questions in Customer Experience | SAP Community and All Questions in Support Services | SAP Community


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A useful and informative blog.

Question - what is the format of a Universal ID?
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Monika, we really like the concept of the Universal ID. Are there any plans to make the authentication better/easier? At the moment I have a lot of password entries when accessing Cloud Services. Any plans on integrating/offering similar authentication services as with the "regular" s-user functionalities?