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I noticed a very different functionality in SAP CRM during the update pricing.

Let me just give you a background of this. If you change or create an order in ECC and then navigate to the item level conditions and click the update button at the bottom , there you see multiple pricing type options being listed. This would mean that you have the option to reprice the document in multiple ways.

Try doing the same thing in SAP CRM , I have used the CRMD_ORDER transaction to demonstrate this. In CRM only two options are present. Either you can recalculate all the pricing conditions or retain manual changes. Other pricing types are missing.

Curiously CRM functionality differs a lot from ECC functionality. Make no sense but then you have to live with it. Probably that's one of the man reasons why many implementations which already have a ECC continue to use it as a pricing engine and download the master data into CRM.

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Thanks to pointing that, It's a little confusing and surely you need to waste, ejem, invest some time until you realize that. 

You don't have an option to recalculate conditions massively like you have in ECC either, and is a pain. I have wrote a blog on this: Redetermine conditions in sales orders massively using BOL



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Yups checked it actually and left my comments. May be can discuss the same over your blog.