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Community Manager
Community Manager

I am so happy to finally be able to welcome everyone to the new Copenhagen group in the SAP Community! 😀

I have for a while looked for other online tools than Meetup to host the SAP Stammtisch in Copenhagen, since I wanted us to have a place where we could connect, talk and discuss in between the events. 

By using Groups in the SAP Community, Morten and I also got the opportunity to have one common place to inform everyone both about the Stammtisch and Inside Track events that take place.
So stay tuned here for information about both Copenhagen Stammtisch and Inside Track CPH events. 

To stay in touch in between the events, we have a discussion area, as well as blogs. 
This is still an informal place, and everyone is welcome. 

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hey Morten, I'd like to join the discussion area, as well as the blogs, and here more about the SAP Inside Track Copenhagen in 2023? Can you explain to me how I can become member? thanks


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