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Your favorite openSAP course

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when I find the time I like to do courses on openSAP. For example, I really enjoyed the Digital Transformation Track (2019 Edition) where I also got a very good insight into future technologies by completing the courses: Leadership in Digital Transformation, Information Security Management in a Nutshell, Enterprise Machine Learning in a Nutshell (Repeat), SAP Leonardo - Enabling the Intelligent Enterprise, SAP Leonardo IoT for the Intelligent Enterprise,SAP Leonardo - An Introduction to Blockchain.


What is your favorite course?


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Marco,

Happy to read your nice statements regarding your learning experience at openSAP. Indeed I also enjoyed my participation in the Digital Transformation Track back in 2019 a lot.

As I’m a bit biased when it comes to the question “what is my favorite openSAP course?”, I can share at least that in 2022 especially the course Python for Beginners by Christian Drumm and Stephan Jacobs received an overwhelming amount of great feedback by thousands of happy openSAP learners.

Let me take the chance to recommend all current courses and tracks on openSAP as well as all learning journeys at SAP Learning and all developer tutorials in SAP’s tutorial navigator.

Happy learning!

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I have taken many courses over the last couple of years. One of the best courses in the Cloud / Developer realm is the "Version control with Git" course : SAP Cloud Platform* Version Control with Git | openSAP 

Another range of courses that have always been very good, are the Fiori-related courses. Yet, by now, it is not always clear which of the Fiori-courses is the most relevant one, relating to the current tools and Fiori-version. So let's assume the latest one is most current, which is Developing and Extending SAP Fiori Elements Apps | openSAP.

Now, not all courses have to be a deep-dive to achieve complete expertise. Some courses are of an introductory nature, and that is fine as well. I found the courses SAP on Hyperscalers – Strategy, Architecture and Deployment | openSAP and Introduction to Statistics for Data Science | openSAP great to get a good conceptual understanding on these Topics ...

These are my pick of the litter, have fun!

Nic T.

Active Contributor

SAP Cloud Platform* Version Control with Git | openSAP  hands down - so informative, well prepared with thought through examples. It has opened my eyes to Git and how it enabled open source, crowd development.


Too many to mention. I was very fond of the Digital Transformation Track.