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Why do you love the SAP Community? ♥️

Community Manager
Community Manager

Today is a big day! If you're thinking now "Oops, what's the day today?", then you've come to the right place. Today is Valentine's Day!
We, at the SAP Community Team, would like to thank you for your commitment to this community. We love YOU! 
Nevertheless, we would also like to know what you love so much about the community?
We'd love to read your thoughts in the comments.

Happy Valentine's Day ♥️

#SAP #SAPlove #ValentinesDay

(P.s.: It is not too late to still get something for your loved ones)


I have been always a coder. I know multiple open source languages. Still I have a different level of fascination for SAP tools and languages. I don't know how and why. Well it is, what it is 😀

Happy Valentine's Day 💕

#SAP #SAPlove #ValentinesDay

Active Contributor

It's an opportunity to give back because most of the time when I search for an issue, 95% plus of the time the answer is found here on the community.  "Pay it forward" is the usual term.

Happy Valentine's Day!


I echo Tammy!! I also love the fact that via this forum I get the opportunity to learn, to help, to connect across geographies and the best part - I get to make new friends (My SAP Buddies)  🙂 

Happy Valentines Day!!

#SAP #SAPlove #ValentinesDay #SAPbuddy

Active Contributor

I also agree with Tammy!  I frequently answer questions about SAP Crystal Reports and SAP BusinessObjects for a combination of reasons:

- Paying back for assistance I have received during my career.

- Paying forward for any assistance I might need in the future.

- It meets the need I have to share what I know and mentor others.

The Community is a great place for me to do all of that, which makes me feel good!

Happy Valentines Day!!

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

I love the SAP Community:

V=vast amounts of information and answers for everyone! A=always-on 24/7! L=lovely people with so much in common! E=everyone can contribute and get take-aways! N=never leave without learning something new! T=time for tea or 'coffee corner'! I=imagine the art of the possible through learning something new! N=new names to engage! E=encourage someone to join the SAP Community! 

Happy Valentine Day (and week)💘😍

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Active Contributor

It's an opportunity to know other people around the world that speaks the same language (CAPm, abap, SAPUI5...)

Happy Valentine Day 🎉💗

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

It's easy - SAP Community brings people together 🤗

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Active Contributor

The people here get me!   They are in the crazy world of SAP too!    I can speak SAPNess to them and they understand.   It's really wonderful.

Active Participant


Because of i feel our SAP community is a my big family. and if i have any question / doubt / queries then i will discuss here and i got the result.

If any family member facing any question then i also given answer so i feel this is my big family.

We love to each other.

Thanks and Regards

Amrish Patel