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Which opening do you prefer when you write a blog/article?

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Hi, I know it's work related but I'm new in the community πŸ™‚ I will learn. Well I was a subscriber and now a contributor (with 0 post). Before writing my first blog/article, I would like to have your comments/ideas about the opening part.

Here my questions:

  • Is this a good greeting? "Hello there!"
  • Is this a good idea to numbering posts? "This is my 1st article."
  • Is this a good opening sentence? "In this blog post, I will try to share my experience on how to ..."

So, here is the full text:

Hello there!
This is my 1st article.

In this blog post, I will try to share my experience on how to ...

Thank you for your comments!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, Serkan:

Welcome and good luck on your blogging journey!

If I may make a suggestion: Perhaps ask those questions here . That whole thread is designed to help new bloggers, and you can get advice from some of our most respected community members.

I hope this helps!


Make sure to subscribe to What's New!


Hi Jerry, thank you for the link. I'll do that.

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I usually start with some story, like 

Some time back, there was a question about filtering the Fiori Element application by association property of the CDS view... (link

Recently I had a requirement where the end users wanted to interact with the Fiori applications using the keyboard keys(Hotkeys) (My first blogpost

or like you have mentioned 

"Hello Everyone,

This blog is about creating a Transactional capable(Draft) Fiori application using the SAP ABAP Programming model for SAP Fiori with end-to-end till saving to db. " (link)

Personally, after trying different variations, I now like to start the blog post by telling a story and explaining why & what about the blog post as I want to improve my storytelling skills πŸ˜‰ and i feel that people will connect with the post. Again, a story might not suit for all types of blogposts. So try different variations and find what you like. and I would definitely not go for numbering. It won't be easy to track for you and will not provide any learning to the reader.

All the best to your blogging journey!!




Hi, Thank you for your comment/advises. And I'm now clear to not to include "numbering" πŸ™‚


As a reader I can confirm, that a story is always a good opener. This incites interest in what you have to tell. Don't forget to conclude the story in the end. With this trick you can spice up any dry topic.

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Regarding a story, what do you think about that example: "In one of my program, I needed to change the UI of a screen, however it was not possible to do using standard functions. That's why I created a utility class for this."

Do you think it's a bit long?


Try to find something more common. A story from Your daily life that has nothing to do with Your topic on first sight. With that You reach a broader audience.

How about: You took a walk and noticed a new house. While it looks quite nice you noticed, that the garden is only accessible by foot. You wonder how the owner wants to restock the fire wood.

By this You paint a livable picture  in the readers head. You lead to a functional deficit. Then You can switch to Your topic an draw the parallels to Your GUI and the need to change something.

The story doesn't have to be true. It only has to be logical.


Ops, a bit difficult for me. I'm not an author. 😞

But I will try to write my first blog. Hopefully it will be reviewed by one of the moderators πŸ™‚


Don't feel bad. I'm not a writer myself. I just wanted to let You know what got my attention as a reader.

A story around Your topic is a nice to have. In the end Your topic is what counts.


πŸ™‚I realized that writing a blog, presenting a product or similar, really needs a good plan, preparation etc. Thanks again.


Took a look on Your Blog: Impressive πŸ‘

You didn't just write a short debut Blog. You started with a series, right away. Using a quote as an opener is a really smart move. However You should add who made that quote. Besides this, there is nothing to complain from my side of view. The Blog is well structured and written. Code is in the proper code frames. You have links to navigate through the chapters of the series. You took the preparation really serious. That's a hell of a start πŸ‘.

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Thanks, @manfredKlein, glad you like it. All quotes are mine so I didn't specify them (to avoid being rude) πŸ™‚

Some parts of this series can be boring for advanced developers, but the purpose here is not just to write something, but to improve myself a little while writing. The topic discussed in the series may seem unnecessary to some, but the main idea here is to emphasize that there are things to discover when we dive deep.

You took the preparation really serious. That's a hell of a start πŸ‘.

I fought myself when choosing the title and dividing the series into pieces πŸ˜‚

Active Participant

I would go straight to the 3rd line of text: "In this blog post, I will..."

Active Participant

From my experience of creating SAP videos and blogs, I would say just don't overthink it πŸ˜ all options are cool.

The opening is important but really not much! in our technical world, the readers search for a blog on a specific topic, then give it a quick look to evaluate if it looks like a blog with the needed level of details, screenshots, accounting entries, code, etc, and if yes then we read it in details.

So just proceed with whatever feels right to you! if there's anything you are not comfortable with in the content you create, then your brain will block the ideas, and you will end up pushing this task forward forever as we all do when there's something we doubt πŸ˜

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Hi @agalal1 , that's so true. Perfectionism makes it impossible to conclude πŸ™‚

β€œContinuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.” Mark Twain


Let me know when you write your article, I would love to check it out

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Thank you. I'll do that πŸ™‚

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Or...  you could just share the link here.   I'm sure we all are curious now.  I know I am.


Haha, finally I managed to write the first part. Now it's in moderation and is awaiting review.

Spoiler: A series of articles about one of the very well known and most used function modules

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Hi @Former Member , my first blog post on SAP Community has just been published.

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Hi @agalal1 , my first blog post on SAP Community has just been published.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Agree 100%

Active Contributor

I'm late to this link.   But I think you are making a great start just by talking about it - well anywhere.   "Here...  There...  and Everywhere"

Here's my advise.   Just do it.   Write down everything then read it aloud.   Does it sound right?  Does it sound like you?   I love a blog that I can read, perhaps learn something, and learn about the author.

But you won't develop your style of writing for quite awhile yet.  "Just do it!"   And post the link here.   If your style is:

"Hello there!
This is my 1st article.  In this blog post, I will try to share my experience on how to"

Then start it that way.   I would just add that your first  X amount of words will be the description.   So have a great title on what your blog is about!

Love to hear that your going to start blogging!

Active Contributor

The openings I like are with some brief personal story or experience that has prompted the blog. I also appreciate an abstract of the article so I can quickly learn what it is about and what value I can get from it.