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What should your title be?

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So I was thinking....  Dangerous think that is...  Thinking.  I try not to do it much it hurts my head.  I was thinking if I was going to put a name to what I did what would it be?   You know those fun boxes you check off  or drop downs or...  whatever form your filling out.    So I thought it would be a fun funny thread to help people out with the perfect title for their job.   I'll start - and you just put anything you want down.   Really, it will be fun.

Ready to have fun???   Give me a title.

  • I feed, water, and love my pets. (dogs, cats and horses)
  • I walk with my dogs.
  • I am on social Networks almost daily.
  • I can create tiles, libraries, and groups in Fiori. This isn't daily.
  • I can change security settings and track down security issues.  Not daily.
  • I answer support calls, emails, IM - not daily.
  • I develop.
  • I create workflows.
  • I create/run both functional and unit test.
  • I understand the linkages between different modules.
  • I'm understanding some third party software.
  • I gather specifications and give solutions.
  • I am always learning.
  • I go to lots of meetings.
  • I keep track of my time.
  • I find possible solutions that have been created by SAP.
  • I do configuration.
  • I work with connections to our system.   
  • I've played with OPD, BRF+, and others
  • I schedule transports
  • Trackdown support issues
  • I'm sure someday my brain will explode

What would you call me?   Be nice!   Here are some of the things I thought of

  • Dog Walker/S*t kicker configuration development design thinker 
  • Chief cook and bottle washer
  • Know nothing and a tiny bit of most things

And of course  - an idiot...   But that isn't very nice.   So list some things about you.   And I'll come up with some interesting names and so will others.   Or you could always just simply give everyone a title.






Ok, after 3 minutes mashing up all your points, I came across this title:

"grand omnilevel suprogmanarchitect equestrian"

grand: because senior is too common.

omnilevel: not just first/second/next level, but all of them and more.

suprogmanarchitect: Combination of superior/support, programming/progressive, management and architecture. The middle part 'mana' sounds epic, too. If You look at the 'anarch(i/y)' part you even have a martial tone included.

equestrian: To reflect the pet section.


I hope You like it.

I love it!   I have a smile on my face this morning.

Nice to hear. Having someone smile, at the other end of the world, is not the worst way to go 🤗.


We have a comedy phone call(sidney carlton from australia) with some guy trying to confuse some business guys with idiotic titles. Here are a few examples:

  • Chief of outgoing incomes
  • Heavy overdosed administrator
  • Chief or permanent lightning and strike detonator
  • First or Second junk and trash cutter
  • Support and product senior stylistic supervisor

Sadly it takes some edge, that the titles are english and You see the non-sense, right away. For Gemans any english title sounds very important. Any 'Manager' sounds super next level. Since then we do not have guys running buildings. No they are now called: Facility Manager. The very important, yet mostly unnoticed guys cleaning up are now called Sanitation Manager. People being extorted in call centers are called User Agents. This adds some shadiness. Not all call centers are shady, but we had some really bad examples, lately.

We should do a ranking of the best sounds-more-like-it-is titles. This should be good for a few more laughs.

I like a lot of these - your right I should give it a while and then ask for a ranking.   I love:  permanent lightning and strike detonator

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I like the overdozed administrator. Not because of drugs. But: To 'administer' is giving someone medicine. So I read it like persons who overdo administering administration and thus ruining the system(administrator on steroids or going haywire). This gets me a second laugh.

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Manfred is quite creative

I like the title "lifelong learner"

Or the old "Jack of all trades, master of none"

But your most important title is that of "mother" (in my opinion) 🙂 

True!   I have so much fun talking with and learning from my "baby".   Yes, he is 24 now!   But I try not to count.   I stopped aging myself at 25...   

Although Wisdom = Age.  Sure it does!  Smarting in some things.  Losing my mind in others.   So therefor Age = wisdom and lack of knowledge.  

Cool....   At some point I'll update my profile.  Although putting simply Mom out there could confuse people.  But it would be interesting to see if anyone notices.

Community Administrator
Community Administrator

Reminds me of the ones like

Sanitation Engineer

Transportation and Logistics Manager for Juvenile Pro Athletes 

I like it..  Sanitation Engineer  🙂