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What is your favorite band/music type or concert in general?

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So I had probably the best vacation ever!!!!   My son treated me to some music concerts.   The first on Sunday and the second on Tuesday.  So I took 3 days off to just spend with him and just be there.  Although I carried a cell phone, I only looked to take pictures.  No books, no computer, and no TV.   Why does this tie in to music?  Because I went to see my favorite band.

Sunday - road trip to Detroit.   It's about 2.5 hours.   He was stuck.  He was driving so I got to give him the 5 million questions I had.

We went to:

  • Within Temptation
  • Iron Maiden 
  • Epica
  • Sabbaton

Back in the day I went to:

  • Shania Twain
  • Pat Benatar 
  • David Lee Roth
  • Posion
  • Garth Brooks

Yes, I like a variety.   Some of the bands my son skipped on the way there - that I like are Skillet, Ed Sheeran,..  And the list goes on.

So how about you any great bands to check out?   Concerts to see (or avoid)?   BTW can you guess my favorite band?


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Community Manager

I've seen Iron Maiden three times. First time was in 1984. 🙂

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60+ year old band.   Bruce coming back from throat cancer, and still managed to rock out.   It was wild.  Young children to 80 - 90 year old people.   Around 20,000.   The flames were amazing.   Not to mention all the other props.   It was quite an entertaining concert.


Great choice!!! Let there be rock! (and metal...)

Did You know that Within Temptation's singer Sharon den Adel initially had no singing lessons?

Did You know that Epica's singer Simone Simons started in young age of 17 and that was 20(!) years ago?

If You want real fun You need to check out Frog Leap Studios on YouTube. They started with real cool metal versions of day to day songs some years ago. Now they are Rockstars and had a tour this year. Leo, his family and friends rock!!!


WOW!   No I didn't know any of that.  No singing lessons????   That's amazing.

Epica was an amazing starting band.   Grand Rapids can get a little wild.   Simone made sure all the kids were moved to the side and then the wall of death commenced.   I'm a bit too old for the floor so I was up in a nice seat watching it all.   Then during Sabatan several "mosh pits" broke out.   Crazy.   It was fun watching from the stands and from my view - no one was hurt.    Then, of course was the crowd suffers.   Those people are just nuts.

Iron maiden had a big age split between the "crazy" younger people and the older group.   The crowd was much more sane.   Of course they had some of the same things going on.....    There is a reason I like "heavy/power" metal.   

And yes, after the Sabaton concert - I had next to no voice left.

  • Coldplay
  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Paul Hardcastle


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Ozzy was amazing in the day.   I never did get to see him live.  Coldplay amazing group.   I'll admit to looking up Paul Hardcastle on Youtube.  I don't think I like that one.   But everyone has favorites!   It was fun to listen to something different.



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Community Administrator
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I used to see a ton in a small underground club growing up one of the ones that stand out the most though was Poe.  Made me rethink music after seeing them.

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what a question - SAP TechEd 2013 - Community night - Imagine Dragons - just got back from Australia to Las Vegas (their Hometome) to play in this night. no one had a clue about the band and me and some friends got some VIP tickets right before the show to front of stage. it was awesome ...


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FYI -  Well enjoyed the bands and concerts.   Did not enjoy the Covid I caught.   My son was down sick, my husband, and myself.  My husband didn't even go with us!

So my advise - if you go to something that big - you might want to consider masking up.

Lucky for all of us - it is not the horrible "covid".   We are all just pretty miserable right now.  So after a couple days off, I'm back to work.  My son no longer has a fever and is going in for 2nd shift.  

FYI - I did have the Covid shoot and one booster.   

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Hi @Former Member ,

good health to You and Your family.

I don't wanna incite a discussion at this point, because this can get awry really fast.

Just wanna reassure You: You did nothing wrong. Life is always a risk and reward thing and we can't hide under a stone forever.

Perhaps You should take Your hubby next time with You. But I bet he was overjoyed when You and Your son returned all smiles from the concerts. May the dismay go away fast and the great experience last forever...


Good luck,

Manfred Klein

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My lifelong favorite is U2. I have seen every tour since 1988 - Joshua Tree. For the newer bands that I enjoy and have not seen > One Republic and Imagine Dragons (would love to hear how they are in concert)

Best Concert(s) (non U2)  > Lady Gaga / Peter Gabriel /Mercy Me /Garth Brooks 

Worst Concert - Bob Dylan / U2s POP Mart /