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Vacationing at home

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Does anyone like to vacation and enjoy staying home anymore?   I know since Covid some people feel trapped in their house.   But even before that?

Them: Vacation where are you going? 

Me: No where just reading, watching, and enjoying a day at home.

Then: At home, really???!!  What projects are you doing?

Me: None, I'm just being lazy.

So I enjoy reading books, watching TV, maybe doing a couple of art projects, sleeping in, playing with my animals, and well just enjoying doing nothing.   How about you?  When was the last time you took vacation and just enjoyed?  What is relaxing to you?

BTW my evil side can think up several answers to the where are you going what are you doing question.  Sadly since it's usually a co-worker or my boss asking I can't be too outrageous:

I'm going to Hell for a visit.   I just wanted to look up some old friends and party like it was 1999.  (We do have a Hell, MI)




I echo your thoughts and feelings. How I manage my "wfh" time is 

  • Started writing blogs and books
  • Connect with my extended family
  • Bonding better with kids and wife. Try to get involved with their routine tasks and project
  • I walk, yes even when it is 10F, I am layered and walking 🙂 

Idea is to stay away from the negative thoughts as much as possible and keep your mind distracted. I am big fan of comedy and dad jokes, so I browse through OTT or watch few old series or movies.

My answer to those who are not taking Covid as seriously and ask the question about vacation is - I am vacationing in my home basement. I have bought the tickets and its something I am really looking forward to. It is a beautiful place with the perfect weather. What makes is it better is, I am safe with family and not infecting others 🙂 

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What a great answer!   I love it.

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It really depends on what did you do during the lockdown. I "spent" more than a whole month in complete isolation: my daughter with her mother, my dogs went sick and I had to leave them into a dogs' residence, I had enough food saved to not have an excuse to go out for more.

So, the day they told me "you can walk from 6 to 8 AM", I put my alarm at 5am and went for a "long" stroll (long before they told I could not leave the town... I went to the fields and cried while watching where I wanted to go).

Where I will spend my next vacation? Wherever my daughter will be. She's my holy part of the holidays, and luckily, she will be with me during the Holy Week vacations. Knowing her, who follow the lockdown instructions even harder than I do, we will spend the whole week at home, playing MMOs or watching series toguether.

But the point is the "where" is never the important part of holidays.

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I like it!  Not where but who.   I'm taking a couple of days off because my sister and niece are in town. 

I'm spoiled with my son.  He's looking at homes off and on, but he's smart he is saving money and staying at my house while he does that.   I was not so smart.  I lived in an apartment for around 3 years.  Of course the difference was - I was married at the time.  But even then I wanted out on my own.  

My mom, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law all live close.  I love that. Heck all my husbands relatives live close.  All my other relatives live all over the US.


There are some dependencies wether you are more cosmopolitan or couch potato:

  • Are you living in a housing stall or do you have enough space(hobby room, etc.)?
  • Are you young and want to see something of the world or are you fed up and have seen enough?
  • Do you like travelling or is every minute in traffic a waste of life time?
  • Do you have good/stable internet?
  • How is your neighborhood?
  • Can you walk to friends for a beer?
  • How is your traffic situation(need a car for everything vs. good connected with bus/train)?

Personally I have seen some world and can die happy with what I've seen. So I would say I'm 75% couch potato. So yes: I like holidays at home. Quality time with family and friends. This does not mean that there wont be any more holidays abroad. Ready when my dearies are.

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I like that answer for you no not right now.  For all others "it depends".  I never thought about it like that.  Personality does play a big part too.


Ask yourself: What shaped my personality?

When you are young your personality is very strongly influenced by your environment. This also determines if and when you adopt an active stance and shape your environment. This means: If you are able to(Living in a free world vs. living in a not so free world). If things around you evolve in a more positive way you tend to be a more optimistic person. Strong odds favor a more pessimistic attitude.

Given you developed an active stance and have the means you can shape a nice home. If you have a nice home you have less urge to spend time somewhere else. If you have a diverse offer of activities within your property, why not use it? So naming myself 75% couch potatoe is perhaps a little exaggerated. We just have little urge to leave our nice home.

You are right: Personality does play a big part. But this is partly a result of your environment. Thus the list of my first post. So we do not contradict each other. At least from my point of view.

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Consultant / IT answer : "It depends"
In past lockdown periods, we made ourselves comfortable as much as possible. That meant : buy a new kids pool, set up the trampoline and outside toys to stimulate outside activities. We spent much time in our garden and the limited time (if any) allowed in public, we went on walks in a nearby forest. Thankfully, we have technology and human creativity to support us nowadays. For instance, people were publishing their favorite walks on apps. There were local initiatives where we would go searching for rocks (Happy Stones), or even walks where kids had to spot "teddy-bears" in people's homes (see the links). It was great to see how people would still collaborate, even while being apart ... 
Also, we would set up a tent in the garden, and do some "camping at home".

Personally, we are very much looking forward to traveling again. Yet, we found out that being at home could also be fun, provided you have some means to improve your situation. Having a garden, a hobby-room or attic is a great advantage.

If you have young kids, it is very useful to have some structure in your day in a period of lockdown. We made something of a calendar, and included moments where they "had to" play outside, "had to" read, "had to" do some chores ... For our family, it was a good way to not let things as "screentime" get out of hand ...

In summary, we had to put some effort into it before, but with a little luck (mainly : good weather), combined with structure and creativity, a "stay-at-home" vacation can be nice.
But we hope we can do some sort of traveling (whether just within our country or internationally) in 2022.

Nic T.

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Aha!  You like travelling.   Young kids travelling - you are a little crazy too.   I remember those days.

Interesting way to make things fun even in a lockdown.   I'm impressed!

Community Administrator
Community Administrator
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Interesting question, for me I think like many of the other answers - it depends. If it's just me grabbing a couple of days randomly in the year it's usually with the purpose of a project at home, so yes home. Me by myself without family then it could be home for the sake of just a chill - pre lockdown things like Gem shows, Maker's Central and others would have dragged me out. When it comes to with family though it was 90% always away. Although I should mention it was (a lot of the time) away to family in the US and sitting in their home so hmmm is that still home?


Isn't home "where the heart is"?  I would say both are home. 

Again someone who likes to travel, interesting.   You also have some interesting hobbies to keep yourself busy.  That always helps. (at home)

Mmmmm... Maybe I should keep a scoreboard and see which one "wins".  Of course, it would be totally inaccurate.   Those responding to this point.

Community Administrator
Community Administrator

Hobbies keep the mind young I've always thought! (as I type away this evening trying to understand Python lol)

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

I live in a beautiful region and have wonderful places around me like hills, vineyards, pure nature and valleys. Everything is close by. So yes, we stayed home with our kids in our summer holidays in 2019 and loved it! Because finally, we had the chance to explore our beautiful environment all around us. And chilling in our garden, enjoying our beautiful home, too. It's not that we are doing this every vacation but still, I am not yet tired of my home 😊

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getting home fatigue.. have Oculus Quest 2 and got "echosphere" where watching Raja Ampat made us (wife too) want to travel there. . we miss traveling so much. 

I think theres an obvious business case doing travels/guided tours in VR/360 - wish there were more options.

When we can, its supporting local travel - hopefully we can all enjoy real travel soon.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Sure I can also spend and even really enjoy vacation at home... nice nature around us, in summertime a pretty warm region (ocean is missing of course).. and it is really relaxing.. but to be honest: the real vacation feeling for me only comes with a travel.. I guess mainly related to all the things that come with a near or far travel: preparing the travel, finding a cat sitter ;o), driving or flying there, and then you see simply different, new things. For me the new experiences (different nature, culture, food, most often OCEAN means water and beach) make up a real vacation feeling.. and when looking back across the last years, I always had vacation weeks at home and vacation weeks "on the road".. and I can much better remember even small things I did, felt, tasted, touched, experienced from the time "on the road"... so really looking forward to a normalization of travel activities.. just my 2 cents 😁