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I recently had an email exchange with SAP support team as I wanted to change the email ID in my SCN user profile. I have given my ex-employers email ID and as we can guess, I won't be able to access that email Inbox anymore.

I am not getting any email notifications when I post my queries in SCN as the notifications are sent to my inactive nonexistent ex-employers email ID.

SCN support person told me that I should have changed my email ID before leaving my job and now I can't do anything to change my ID. 

I was wondering - How many of us will remember to change our SCN profile email ID before leaving our job? There can be instances where someone gets terminated - They won't even have a window to change their email and additionally this will be the last thing on that person's to-do list.

I understand that the problem won't even existed if I had mapped my personal email ID in my profile instead of my employer's email ID. But I didn't know that we won't be allowed to change our email ID after leaving our job. 

I told the SCN support person that the best I can do now is to log in to my ex-employers portal where I have limited lifelong access to show proof that I really worked for them. But that was not acceptable.

If you are someone who uses an official work email for your profile, do you see a reason why we shouldn't be allowed to switch to a different email ID at a later point?

In fact, I am at a point now where I have no way to know if someone replies to my questions. Refreshing my thread page every few minutes all day long is the only painful option for me now.




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If you have lost access to the email associated with the account, I think you have no option for recovery. It happened to me, so I am aware of the issue. I started afresh,

You can link accounts profiles [see: ] so viewers know your history.


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You are a lifesaver! Thank you so much for your reply. This is exactly what I was looking for. Will start afresh and link my profile.