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Too much, too little, or just right - Information of course

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Please share your experience of looking for something and being frustrated or not.  Perhaps it was easy to find and fun.   I have some of those too - fun times.   Right now - I'm well frustrated.

Too  much!

OK - first off I must say it would have been easier had my company bought some extra SAP software.  Not saying which one, and I have no idea what it would have cost.  We only needed a small piece of it.   If we could do it on our own that would be a great idea!

I had heard ways of doing what I wanted so in a meeting - I said yes this can be done.    JSON and endpoint.  HA!  I've done that before and had great results.   Just hearing about, but never using something then using it for the project.

My mind is a crazy place to be.  That's my next disclaimer.   So I began my hunt on a great way to create a third party integration using the cloud connector.  My system was going to be down for the day so I had the time.

Here's the broad things I found and not nearly everything:

  • Websockets
  • Push channels 
  • SAP Data Custodian Key management
  • Reverse Proxy
  • Ariba Cloud
  • SAP BTP Connectivity
  • Kubermnetes

Yes, a lot of this was because I'm not technical enough.   Yes, a lot on this list is meaningless.   Just want to give an example of how I've gotten tangled up while searching for information.   I gave too much data, because I was skipping my merry way around a lot of different of ideas that jumped into my mind.  And yes, some were connection and some for after the connection.

So the moral of this story is to decide what you are doing and THEN dig deeper.

And now - Well I have to give the flip side - Just right:

A while ago - actually quite a long time ago I had to set up the cloud connector, itself.   I did a quick search.  OK it was before 2000 - I think.  Anyway I knew I needed a tutorial.   I went to com  and then tutorials and then a quick search.

Now what are your stories?  Easily find something you liked?  Do you remember how you did it?  Gone crazy looking for something?  General example?   





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Usually I can find my answers inside the community

If it is about utilities then the wiki's are good

Where I struggle: finding answers in the SAP Notes.  For some reason (true in my last job too) our ABAP developers and Basis team are better than I am at finding the magic in SAP Notes!

Just my experience.