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The importance to be a member of SAP Community


When I was 15, my aim was to become a programmer. After finishing school, I started learning the ABAP language. I was fortunate to have a great mentor, Mario Zampieri, who had a passion for development. Although he passed away some years ago, he left a lasting impact on me. He not only taught me how to develop but also how to persevere in the face of challenges. I came to realize the meaning of having a person to turn to for guidance, a mentor. I have the chance to be a mentor for my young team now, and to guide them in their growth and development also explaining them the importance to be a member of SAP Community 

Throughout my career, I have dedicated a considerable amount of time to developing with ABAP. However, there were times when I needed help and turned to the SAP Community (which was known as SAP SDN at the time).

The SAP Community has given me the opportunity to get to know many gurus and mentors, such as @SergioFerrariIt,  with whom I have the honor of working everyday, Rui Nogueira, with whom I organized the first SAP CodeJam event in Italy. I knew other friends, as @gregorw , @UweFetzer_se38 , @TammyPowlas , and many more.

The SAP Community is not only a platform for helping us to solve issues, it is also a means of connecting with other members and sharing ideas and feedbacks. 
I'm really happy to be part of this awesome SAP Community as a Champion, and I hope to be a helpful guide for anyone who needs it





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Hope to see you again in real life somewhere, sometime.

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Hi Patty - I love the colors and thank you for mentioning me.  It's great to see you paying it forward. 

I hope to visit Italy one day and maybe meet you in person soon.


Yes, i will wait for you in Rome 😊

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

@patty_1982 as a long time SAP Community member my favorite moments have been as you say for members helping members "to solve issues." The SAP ecosystem is vast from ABAP developers, UI5 gurus, accountants who close their books, sales people who delight their customers ... and the list goes on. SAP Community is a place where everyone can feel welcome and have something in common. Your words are sincere! #sapchampions #sapmentors @sapmentoralumni 

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Congratulations!!! Welcome!


Welcome to the SAP Champion family! Like @StephanieMarley says, "Together we are better"!! 

Grande Patrizia !!!!

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Welcome, Patty!

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Welcome Patrizia, well deserved. 👏

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Product and Topic Expert

Cool! Keep thriving !!