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The Evolution of my Home Office

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

The COVID-19 crisis of 2020 made me quickly adapt to life at the home office . . .Day 1 all started simply with just a laptop computer . . . and an external keyboard, a tablet, a tablet keyboard attachment, an ergonomic cordless mouse, a headset, a headset case, a wireless headset charger, a docking station, (well, this photo only covers half the desk)

On the next day I went back to the office and grabbed my wide-screen monitor.

Lucky enough the entrance was open and I managed to fit it through the revolving doors!

All systems go! I'm ready to get some work done – or even better:

Get my team on a call and find out who can help!

Everybody is so happy. Why didn‘t they invent home office years ago?

As always, I want to remind everybody to also take time for a little off-hours
fun when working from the  home office.

13 seconds after this picture was taken, I checked my phone.

No messages? Cheers!

The next step in evolution of my home office:

The office was appropriated for our student who came home due to closed universities.

My new room came with a larger desk, a stand-up table and
a 500 Watt light for customer conferences.

This light gave me more heat than any customer escalation!

But hey it works! Videoconferences are even more fun when standing up!

The home office period has lasted so long that it‘s finally time for a haircut.

How hard can it be? We‘ll just take a little off the left and a little off the right until it‘s even.

Now that all the grey is gone, I feel much younger!

Wow, what an evolution! We‘ll see what changes the future holds.

Home office is working well because I have a fantastic team and we all pull together. Technology helps a great deal, but it's always people who make it work!

Everybody please stay safe and stay motivated wherever you are!


I was lucky to have an innovative employer and experienced home office since the year 2000 (at that times with ISDN 64kbit/s and terminal emulation EM97 for BS2000 to work on SAP R/2). The SAP Gui was the most robust and optimized application I experienced in such an unfirm connection.

Because of the chance for home office I could take care of my little son, with one hand typing, with the other hand holding him on my lap and trying to keep his little fingers away from the keyboard - I am able to code bugs by myself, I don't need foreign help. This must have given him an imprinting as he is now studying informatics.

It is easier to ignore nature inside the aseptic and artificial environment of a standard office: the most difficult part was and is to work at home during spring or summer time when the weather is fine...

Excellent Tim. I love that you have a personal hairdresser too, that's one thing I don't have 😞


But the wall behind you when you were getting your hair cut could definitely double as a green screen!

Community Manager
Community Manager

There's so much to love about this post. Thank you so much for sharing this evolution! I'm glad you included the off-hour relaxation photo. And your "hair dresser" did a fantastic job cutting your hair!

Nicely done! I have been relegated to the man cave/home movie theater/kid's play area. I am missing that pretty view to the outside. In March I was quick to recognize what was coming so I grabbed all my equipment off my desk and brought it home. So the work accommodations haven't missed a beat. Now if only this east coast weather would catch up with the calendar.  😞


Sorry I couldn't see you at Sapphire this year. Fingers crossed for the Solution Manager Summit in PA. in October...