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Share a funny SAP story

Everyone has a funny story from their life events. Kindly share one where SAP was involved.

In my case, I joined in a team called Fiori. And initially I use to work on SAP ABAP, after almost 3 months while chatting with an anonymous person in a cab, I got to know that the word "Fiori" of my team name was a SAP product and not the English word "Fury". It was a bit embarrassing and a bit funny.

I use to think the team was furious in their work approach and called themselves "Team Fury (Fiori)" 😅


#SAPstory SAP Fiori #funWithSAP



Community Manager
Community Manager

Funny stories are always so subjective I think - for me I still remember when I personally thought and was told by my manager back then to go "learn SAP" so I could install it when I came back to the US after my project in Germany was over. Little did I know then how funny the idea of "install" was in that context...