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SAP Video Creators

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I've been making SAP video content since January 2018 on my YouTube channel. This is a very rewarding activity on both the personal and professional sides.

This topic interests me a lot and I would like to share my experiences and learn from you! I can definitely help you if you need motivation, technical help, or any questions on how YouTube or Udemy work.

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  • Have you created any SAP training videos? or are you interested in creating some?
  • Looking for motivation to start creating?
  • Do you have technical questions?
  • Do you prefer showing yourself in the video? or just a screen recording.

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Personally, I have created +140 videos and shown myself in all of them. The most time-consuming and costly part is showing myself as this requires a good camera, light, location, editing, etc. but I find this very rewarding as it keeps me in touch with my audience, keeps the video realistic, and improves a lot my personal brand.

I've learned how to edit video and audio on Adobe Premiere and Adobe Audition, and I use Camtasia for screen recording. The final result I get these days can be seen in my last video which includes an intro, a presentation, and a system demo.

I publish one video per week, and I've been committed to this for 4 years! I really enjoy this 😁

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Nice content @agalal1