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SAP Press Book Authors' Club?

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I'm sure there are others around who are also in the process of writing an SAP book or have already written one.

I don't want to continue this path alone! We can help each other with the word template, ideas, questions, and even progress updates to motivate each other.

I'm currently in the process and I deliver one chapter of 70 pages every month. I find myself always starting on the 20 of the month and putting in a lot of work to deliver on time 😁 ...tried to start earlier but my brain would rather think about everything else.

If that interests you then speak up! maybe we can make a group later (not sure how to request this)

Happy Monday 😁


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good post - I have written 2 books by Apress editorial. One about Building Microservices in SAP HANA XSA and one about Building Custom Fiori apps. Please let me know what questions you may have. I hope I can help. The time consuming part of the book writing process is following the editorial guidelines. If you already have the content for the book, it should be easier to complete. Again, glad to help however, I can or to answer any questions.