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[rant] If you must explain a joke, it's because it's a bad one...

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Hi again.
Welcome to another Vic's rant, from the section: "Am I too old or someone messed it?"

I'm trying to find answers to some questions in this new setup, and it's hard. Same for blog entries, the management of groups memberships and other nice things any community manages.

But there are a lot of blog posts in each group explaining "how to do this in this new...". My guess is this time it's not because I'm too old for change, but because the new UX needs improving. Yes, it's cleaner (any way to have a dark theme?), corners are rounded and there are a lot of colorful namings and different sized fonts, options all around but... it's complicated even with all those "helpful options".

We live in the age of aesthetics, and I was used to do it in the age of practicity. I'm having problems to adapt. Any hints?

(nice option: the preview one... I could see my "new" signature: "SAP Error" and I love it)


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100% agree on "UI is like a joke: if you have to explain it, it's not a good one". The amount of "how to", which end up with "golly, I guess we're missing some features here" is frankly alarming.

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Is there a dark theme? I don't like the colour.

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I used to answer 3 or 4 questions a day. Now I can't even find them!


When re-vamping something, one shouldn't just make everything new'n'fancy for fanciness' sake. Keeping some of the well proven features doesn't hurt. At least once should one question being asked: 'What was good in the old/last system?'

This time I'll stay on a quite common level.

Just leaning back and enjoying the show. Putting 3D glasses on and having some popcorn. 😁

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Fun fact about Your Tag You applied to Your Post: Does Anyone remember Unreal Tournament? There was an enthusiastic Arena Announcer/Commenter 'hat-shot', 'double-quill' ... 'mo Mo MO MONSTER-QUILL! QUILL! uill! ill!'. We adapted it later for our workdays. 'Fail!' 'Double Fail!' ...  'mo Mo MO MONSTER-FAIL! FAIL! Ail! ail!'

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It's not just the UI, it seems... I've just made an easy search "ME2L add field". I've got two useful posts (the first two of the search! kudos about it!!).

Each under

  • SAP Community > Products and Technology > Enterprise Resource Planning > ERP Q&A
  • SAP Community > Products and Technology > Technology > Technology Q&A

I wonder... is anywhere any option to boldly go to ABAP Q&A? Search for tags or so... I was used to have the ABAP Q&A in my starting page to lend a hand when able, but I cannot do it again even if my life is at stake.

Any hints? I tried to subscribe to some groups, but I don't need the spam in "Notifications" so, if I find the way to leave those groups (although I don't know which they are), I'll unsubscribe myself from them.

I'm really too old, this UI is really too advanced (loved the MAYA article, btw) or there's a third option I doubt someone will even consider (re-evaluate the changes and try to MAYA them).