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Pick Your Poison. Let's talk about Whisk(e)y

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hello lovely Coffee Corner folks,

Let's talk about another adult beverages for a second, whisky. Some folks spell it with an "e" and some without. Some like it smoky, some like it smooth. Some like it mild, some like it burning like fire. Some like it Scottish, some like it from Kentucky.  Tell me friends, what is your poison of choice and why? Am I missing out by not trying one of your suggestions...tell me please! 🙂

I have my liquor cabinets sorted by drinking whisky and keeping whisky. (This helps when friends are over, I can safely direct them away from the keeping cabinets to avoid any accidental opening!) 

Here is a list of a few of my currently opened drinking whiskeys:

 Macallan Sherry Oak 12 Year (My Ride or Die)












PUNI VINA Marsala Edition Italian Malt Whisky (My "I didn't know Italy made such good whisky" whisky)













Nomad Outland Sherry Cask (My "Perhaps this is a way for the Scots to avoid paying customs" whisky)













Perhaps, were I persuaded, I would also show you some of my keeping whisky...but this is enough for now 🙂

Looking forward to all your favorites!






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I don't drink, but my nephew is a whiskey expert.  He drove from Seattle, Washington to Fort Lee, Virginia last year and stopped at every whiskey distillery along the way - and Kentucky was one of his big stops.  He also made a lot of stops in Virginia.

I live in Northern Virginia, here is the location of one of the closest distilleries: "bare knuckle whiskey" - not sure what that means.

I am going to be driving through VA this weekend, I might check it out, time permitting!

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it kinda depends on the mood // sometimes it is time for a tiny one with cask strength which you can sip for an hour or more // sometimes it is a smooth one that you share with a friend // sometimes it is time for something different and you go for an old fashioned with a smoky one like caol ila // 


All great choices!  Your Ride or Die is one of my top 5 for sure.  I am going to look for that Italian today.  I will be working on a list to post, stay tuned.  Great thread to start, thanks!

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Love the Macallan 12 - it's one of my go-tos as well.  I used to refer to the ASUG BusinessObjects conference (when they still let me speak, even though I work for a partner...) as my "annual week of too much scotch". 😁

Community Manager
Community Manager


This would be a personal long time favorite and one of the few I still have, switched to Rum years ago.

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Wow, look at this ASUG Tennessee Chapter upcoming event:  "Enjoy a whiskey and dinner pairing in the company of your local chapter members, complimentary with your ASUG membership" from ASUG

Tennessee is another great whiskey stop, home of Jack Daniels


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I'm a Beer-fanatic myself, but there is a trend where (Belgian) brewers distill Whisky ... Some are quite exclusive, having to register online to obtain a bottle of the limited stock : it's like entering a raffle, hoping to get picked! Others have made it a more common part of their products, such as this lovely "Gouden Carolus Whisky" that I bought ...
Besides that, there is a Belgian Distillery that is making some very good Whisky, called "The Belgian Owl". They have been reviewed very positively over the last couple of years, mainly for their relatively 'young' distillations.

I'm not an expert, but I can enjoy a fine Whisky in good company.

And my suggestions are more of a motivation towards checking out local (national / regional) products rather than picking Brands that have a global name ...


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I like a nice Speyside single malt a lot. My favourite bottle is probably this one:


Just incredibly smooth and easy to drink. Generally I prefer them mild and without too much smoke.

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Also, I like your distinction between drinking whisky and keeping whisky 🙂 That's a sound principle.