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Old SAP Community and TechEd Content

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

I was cleaning out some old boxes in the basement this weekend and ran across some historic SAP Community (then SAP Developer Network) and TechEd stuff.  I thought it would be interesting to share here. 

Attendee badge from the first SAP Developer Network In-Person event in 2005Badge from First SDN In-Person meetupBadge from First SDN In-Person meetup

Contributor pins to SDN, also from 2005

Top Contributor Pins from 2005Top Contributor Pins from 2005

A training certificate from 2000. ABAP delta from 3.X to 4.6. 

Hey, I'm certified in the ABAP delta between 3.x and 4.6 ;)Hey, I'm certified in the ABAP delta between 3.x and 4.6 😉

ASUG used to have its own annual conference separate from SAPPHIRE. This one is from 2005. 

ASUG Annual Conference badge from 2005ASUG Annual Conference badge from 2005

Before we had conference mobile apps, we used to get booklets with all the onsite information.  This one is from TechEd 2004. What follows is a bunch of different pages from that booklet.

Instead of a conference App we used to get a bookletInstead of a conference App we used to get a booklet20220710_144225966_iOS.jpg20220710_144305266_iOS.jpg20220710_144335880_iOS.jpg20220710_144414760_iOS.jpg20220710_144422178_iOS.jpg20220710_144433338_iOS.jpg20220710_144438931_iOS.jpg20220710_144453283_iOS.jpg20220710_144457434_iOS.jpg20220710_144509719_iOS.jpg20220710_144518396_iOS.jpg20220710_144524913_iOS.jpg20220710_144534049_iOS.jpg20220710_144603458_iOS.jpg


Community Advocate
Community Advocate
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Fun to see!!

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