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New Year 2022... What do you hope to do?

Active Contributor

I hope to win 2 million dollars.  OK 1 Million would be good.  You know since I don't even play the lotto.  Hmmmm... 

Really though -

I hope to make some time to fly down to Florida and spend some time with my Niece and Sister.  I miss them all the time.  However, holidays the the worst.  Of course, right now my sister is working double time.  (and double shifts) at Universal.  My niece is down with a LIGHT case of Covid Pneumonia.   She is quarantined at home.  She is on a lot of medication.  The point being - I wouldn't see much of either of them now.

No New Year's resolutions for me.   As I usually break them, I'd rather not have them.

What about you?  Anything your excited (hope) to do in 2022?


Active Contributor

@Former Member I hope your niece improves and your sister catches a break!

I hope to see my family in the states of Tennessee, Missouri and Kansas too.

My nephew is stationed at Fort Lee which is only a few hours away from me so I get to see him all the time.  It's the rest of my family I really miss!

I hope to work on my "cognitive flexibility" (taking an online course at work on that right now) too.

Happy New Year!


Happy new year! Good health and good luck.

Active Contributor

Based on the last two years, I'd be glad to do a "Gloria Gaynor" and be right when the year goes away.