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Much await. Laughing. I spy on Michells's really clean desk.

Active Contributor

I spy with my little eye something from a movie.   Any guesses?  (By the way my entire desk looks like this - not just part of it.  Hehehehehehehehe...)



Community Manager
Community Manager

I see something you shouldn't feed after midnight...or get wet...unless there's something more obscure and I need to examine more closely?

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Yes it is something you shouldn't feed after midnight or get wet.     I don't even have to give a second clue.   For those lost souls that have never in their life played "I spy with my little eye".    I really should look this up in Wikipedia.   There is probably a better answer.

But my explanation.   When I was little we traveled a lot in the car.   It was usually going to Grandma and Grandpa's house in Iowa.   It was about a 12 hour drive back then.  We saw very flat, very normal crops, with cute animals, we would see different things in the grass while going by it, or maybe something on a sign.   To stop us whinning "when will we get there", my parents played several games including "I spy" on the way to Grandma and Grandpa's house.   They lived around a 12 hour car drive (Back then) away from our house.   So it was a very long drive.   My dad was very dedicated to the minimum stops.   The older we got the less stops.  The bonus as we got older, my grandparents would met half way and we could spend time with them.  They stopped a lot more and we went to some really neat places.

"I spy" was one of the many car games we played.  My sister was 2 years younger than me - so fairly close in age.   Basically someone sees something and they yell "I spy with my little eye something..."  and finish the sentence.  They can be very helpful or very ambiguous.  Such as "I spy with my little eye something blue".   Then we would take turn answering and asking more questions until we got it right or we gave up.   Something Jerry did very well.   Is it something...

"I spy" became harder the older we got as it usually was about something we'd already seen and passed by.  So more clues where given.  Feel free to start an I spy discussion or keep adding.  You can use a different picture.  😉

Jerry name it and you win the right to start the next round.