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Metaverse - What's your ideas to make use of Metaverse in SAP ?

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

As you might know already, Microsoft is planning to release next year MS Teams Meeting room with Metaverse
Microsoft wants to enable Metaverse apps for business, education, training, and entertainment. These are all real-world needs, each of which can be enhanced and reinvented with Avatars, VR, and AR.

Metaverse is becoming a household word.

In SAP, we too have many products that could benefit with future Metaverse for SAP 3D Visual Enterprise
SAPCommerce, S4HANACloud, SAPCPQ all this products can interact with customers in real world

What is your thought on connecting Metaverse to business applications ??

Wiki about Metaverse
Blog on 3D Visual Enterprise


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Metaverse is the new blockchain.

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A strong connection between SAP and Microsoft makes the Metaverse connect to SAP via MS Teams I think... 

In any case really interesting question @yogananda 😉 

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi everyone,

I can see today's blog posted on SAP Community ... It totally resembles now and heading towards the goal


I love that idea. I mean, there are so many benefits for businesses from the metaverse, especially in the employee-oriented realm.

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When I think of the metaverse - I think it is a cool toy for our young adults and teens.   Maybe I'm just getting old.  😞  But thinking down those lines - our young adults have already entered business and our teens aren't far behind.

I honestly have been sitting back and watching what they use drones for...  It's a very scary thing.  (Military) But it has become a career that many are pursuing.  So could we tie these drones to the metaverse?  Yes.  I wonder what innovation could do to the metaverse.

It's an interesting thing to debate.   But it is the icing on the top for most companies.  Do they need it?  Not yet.  Perhaps not ever.

So here is where I'm going with my rambling - I'm simply wondering what people will think of that will add value to the company as well as the "cool" factor.  I wouldn't be surprised if it because a big thing within even the next 5 years.  IF there is another pandemic - it could be sooner than we think.

With that said, we are already running things like the virtual warehouse that would be easily integrated into the metaverse.

Supply = Demand

No supply - no one will move.   No demand there will be no reason to move.   Although a good argument could be made for innovation.  (Supply)  And we all know the first to move gets the higher market share.  With supply comes demand as more and more companies can see the value.   (And justify the ROI)

I think I'll just sit back and watch for awhile.

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... when I see (join) current metaverse events, I am wandering - how come CounterStrike so many years ago  had so much better graphical experience?

Metaverse (or augmented/extended reality in general) can have much more usability then just MS Teams calls or similar e.g.:

  • enhance  existing VR assisting "service agents" to repair devices/equipment (VR already available via e.g. MS Dynamics365 Field Services:
  • remote virtual trainings (e.g. in plants, or experiments with "dangerous" substances" etc., or even application trainings), 
  • telemedicine,
  • arch. and interior design,
  • etc.

In the SAP world:

  • I would see use of the metaverse e.g. in remote virtual trainings (via Learning Hub?)...
  • Not sure, how other SAP solutions could currently benefit with the metaverse...


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

I could see SAP Runs SAP in Metaverse in #sapteched 2022 ..   Dream to Reality


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This is truly an interesting area to work on, can you try to share some link on use case of SAP Metaverse


Hemant Vaswani