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How many SAP Community members were at your wedding?

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A recent post here about conferences (wide area or small) somehow had me thinking of our wedding (10 years in 2024) and how we invited SAP Community members I had worked with in #ASUG and #SCN for many years. I wonder if anyone else has similar meet-up memories?
The answer is 5, counting myself, in this snippet of our group photo.

Marilyn, Gretchen, Karin, Sue, me, et al.Marilyn, Gretchen, Karin, Sue, me, et al.

 @keohanster is the only tag still visible in 2024.



Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Honestly, that is absolutely fantastic @JimSpath 👏👏👏

Although I was already with SAP, I was not yet connected to any SAP Community activities or members so there is no photo like yours, but I have of course many friends at SAP and there were a few also at my wedding 😊

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Community Manager
Community Manager

This is so lovely @JimSpath and @sveabecker !! 

@JimSpath - I think you deserve some kind of community wedding badge!! 💒

Donal and I were together 10 years before finally "tying the knot" in 2022. Irish weddings can be absolutely massive since we tend to have big families and invite everyone we know. However, we had the great excuse of celebrating post-covid. When we first started our guest list, it was way too long, we know everyone in our village and we were finding it hard to leave people out. My mother is one of ten children and my father one of five which means I've tons of cousins (and that's just me - don't get me started on my husband). We ended up doing a complete u-turn and only invited our two immediate families - a small civil ceremony and wedding of just 30 people.

No community wedding badge for me I'm afraid!!! But I do love your discussion.


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... community wedding badge... I love it 😅

I didn't know that you were "only" married in 2022! That's not too long ago so congratulations! 🎉

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At least 30 for sure. (definitely more than my family members)

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Wow! Impressive!

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