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How can I change my username in

Active Participant

Hi everyone,

My username in is currently 'sfayues', but I would like to change it to 'sfayuesa' or 'serkan.saglam'. It's greyed out and I sent email to SAP (hope to the right department) 🙂

Anyone knows how to change username in Do you know any page I can check or a group I can ask this question to?

Thank you 😊


Former Member

I have the same question.

did you manage to do it?

Community Advocate
Community Advocate
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Hello @Former Member, hello @Former Member ,

Thanks for your question. It's possible to get the user name changed, but the change will occur for your existing account. You'll lose everything associated with that account, if it will be set up new. The change might also cause system issues that result in unwanted side effects for your account which the IT team will be unable to fix. This is why we recommend that people create a new account with the username they want and link to the old account. You can learn more in step 8 of our profile tutorial: 

Here is more about linking accounts: Profile Linking FAQ

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