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Give Thanks -- Coffee Corner Meet-Up #7 Is Coming Soon!

Community Manager
Community Manager
If you're a regular of the Coffee Corner meet-up series (and if you're not, check out the post links and user tags at the end to see what you've been missing!), you know that the Community & Influencers team (of which I'm proudly part) -- frequently supported by our community rock stars, the SAP Champions -- hold Zoom meetings every other Friday with a simple goal: to recreate the feel of our popular Coffee Corner section, where members participate in fun, off-topic conversations.

You also know that the last of these meetings (lucky #6!) took place on Friday, November 13 (Friday the 13th being the kind of date that's hard to forget), so, doing the math, you were probably already marking your calendar for Friday, November 27, for the next Coffee Corner meet-up.

A safe assumption, except...

Thursday, November 26, is the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, and most of us Americans also get off on Friday the 27th. Therefore, to accommodate as many members as possible, we're holding the Coffee Corner meet-up #7 a little earlier than normal -- on Wednesday, November 25, at 1:00 p.m. ET.

That means, just as we in the United States will be celebrating next week, the Coffee Corner faithful can be thankful that they won't have to wait as long for our next meet-up!

Once again, I'll be hosting the meet-up -- and I'll also be leading the meet-and-greet room. You can bet I'll be using Thanksgiving as a theme, as I'll ask the participants to talk about the reasons why they're thankful. And something tells me we'll end up talking about our favorite foods too (as no Thanksgiving discussion can be completely free of feasting!). Then again, who knows where the conversation will go. During my last meet-and-greet session, I asked participants to talk about what activities cheer them up, and before I knew it, we were recommending television series and movies. That's what I love best about the meet-and-greet room -- as much as I may try to keep things structured, participants are there to connect, and I often find it's best if I just take a step back and let the conversations unfold naturally.

Elsewhere in the meet-up, 8b889d0e8e6f4ed39f6c58e35664518f, one of my favorite SAP Champions (and favorite members, for that matter), will be leading a breakout room on the topic of dispelling myths about climate science. Anyone familiar with Bärbel and who follows her posts in Coffee Corner (and elsewhere) knows how deeply she cares about (and how much she knows about) this topic. Check out this new Coffee Corner conversation from her where she provides even more details about what she plans to cover in her breakout room next Wednesday (the 25th).

Typically, the Thanksgiving holiday is a time for traveling to spend time with family, but for many of us in the United States, we won't be making those trips this year. And this experience of being stuck at home, disconnected from loved ones, is certainly not unique to Americans. So if nothing else, I hope that the Coffee Corner meet-up on November 25 can give us all a chance to come together virtually. Regardless of where we live and which holidays we observe, let's use Wednesday the 25th as an opportunity to give thanks together and/or to have a lively discussion about climate change -- because these last several months have shown me the importance of keeping our community connections close during these times. With that in mind, please register now and let other people know about this meet-up, and we can have a great get-together that will rival any Thanksgiving celebration!

Coffee Corner meet-up #7

  • Date/time: Wednesday, November 25, 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. ET

  • Agenda

    • Intro (15 minutes)

    • Pick a room (30 minutes)

      • Breakout room: Dispelling myths about climate science (led by SAP Champion Bärbel Winkler)

      • Main room: Meet-and-greet activities (giving thanks and talking food -- hosted by me)

    • Group get-together/closing remarks (15 minutes)

  • Registration:

New to the Coffee Corner meet-up series? Then you'll want to follow the SAP Community tag and #communications to get notifications whenever new blog posts with this tag are published — so you know when new meet-ups are happening. Keep an eye out for the coffee corner and coffee corner meet up series user tags too!

Here are some of the previous meet-ups you may have missed:
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I participated in Coffee corner meet-up #6 and I think that it is an amazing project - Thank you so much Jerry for organising and hosting this event.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, Nadya. I look forward to seeing you later today!

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Happy Friday! Any news on #8? I'm looking forward to the next one.  🙂

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Hi, Peter:

I'm glad you're looking forward to the next one! I believe we're still on track to do the next one on Friday, December 18, but right now, we're all focused on SAP TechEd. I'd expect some sort of update by late next week.

All the best,

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