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Community Manager
Community Manager

On occasion I tend to post in here about crazy off the wall topics so I decided since the last was about Minecraft I would check this time to see if anyone else has gone down the winding rabbit hole of Warhammer (40K or Age of Sigmar) like I have found myself recently?



Is it good? I'll keep this in mind.

Baldur's Gate III had me recently(230h 2,1 runs).



Manfred Klein


It's time consuming for sure, since it's table top you have to buy, build then paint the figures before you can play. I am just now working on the last figure I have for the Age of Sigmar variant (for medieval, knight, fantasy style) so with luck I'll be able to have the first match in the next week or two. I started at the beginning of October so....


Baldur's Gate is on my list, playing D&D as many many years ago it looks super interesting, I always get stuck being a Mac user though on what games are available although it's getting easier.

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LOL (as I try not to cry with 26 minis still to paint)

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Only digital gaming for me at the moment, and since my gaming PC is still in storage back in Denmark, I'm playing on my Switch Lite, which is an awesome little machine. I've played some really great games on it this year like Tears of the Kingdom, Return to Monkey Island and Metroid Prime Remastered. Right now I'm playing a cozy game called Potion Permit, Super Mario Bros. Wonder of course and some Picross when I feel like a puzzle game.

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I've not looked at the Switch at all... of course I just sold all the consoles so not sure I will look either IF I did though are those the top picks games for you?

The game to get for the Switch is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It's a very real contender for best video game ever.

Of the current crop of consoles, the Switch is by far the least powerful. But its library of games is amazing. It's not an ideal time to get one, though, with Nintendo's next console very likely launching next year.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

I tried many years ago. I still have some unopened Space Wolves in a box waiting to be painted.

My painting skills are nowhere near yours.....



The wealth of colours, shades, contrasts, etc available today is amazing - makes the process super easy compared to awhile back.

On the 40K side I still can't decide on which ones to go with so my current Space Marines are still only partially painted - Age of Sigmar though I am fully in on that!

Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 08.06.37.png

This one was just super fun to paint.