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Funny how things repeat themselfs - here: moving platforms, loosing content

Active Contributor

Just came across an old blog post ( and back then I said:

"I know I asked two question at some early time, but they never got any answer, so with the move from SCN to SAP Community, they are now gone for good — because questions without answers were not migrated."

So: back then it was questions, now its some blogs.

Funny how after a few years, things just seem to repeat themselves 🙂



Perhaps the wayback machine helps 😉

Active Contributor

I guess I'll wait and see how the new forum looks like but stackoverflow is a very real and interesting alternative.

Active Contributor

I have mixed feelings about content being purged. On one hand, removing old posts seems anti-social. On the other, questions like "how do I code an inner loop?" might be better left out (I examined a couple questions like this, including a decades-old answered question getting a dubious answer recently). 

Active Contributor

I'm not nearly as active as some years ago, but still... another move. I'm curious how the new world will work and if it's more intuitive than the last sites. ^^