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Devtoberfest 2023 - Coffee connoisseurs

Active Participant

Hey mates,

have you ever participated in SAP #Devtoberfest
It is a great opportunity to lean, share and meet SAP Community members.
Would you like to discuss the topic about a cup of coffee ?
There is usually an ending challenge which we can develop together an app based on lastest innovations from SAP Technologies.
Setting up a "coffee connoisseur" team could be a great idea.





Hello Amaury !!! That is a pretty good idea !! 👏👏

I participated in the last #devtoberfest 2022 I learned a lot of things, I did friendship with other developers from the world, and surprisingly for me, I won!!!! 🥳, definetely, it is a contest that is worth, I did a video in my youtube channel with all the experience, the original language is spaish because I am Mexican and my target is latam people, but the video has english subtitles, and I think it is helpful to anwer some posible doubts about the event if you are new in this. Here is the link if you want to check it out:

If you are able and are developers, I encourage to you all to participate. 🎉🥳😊


Hola Sandra! 😊
First, delayed but well deserved felicidades to being one of the winners 2022, and one of the only Mexican and Latin American participants as I learned in your video!! 🎊 You must be very proud! I definitely could tell from the positive vibe you share in your video! 👏
I'd be interested to hear from you - how can we excite even more people to participate this year? 


Thank you for seeing my video !!! 

about your wuestion, I'm thinking about it 😅, for now I'm just encouraging my few followers from Latam, I hope they participate this year, because last year they ignored me, but now that I won I hope to motivate them 🤞

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Hi Amaury, I like the idea! I'm happy to help setting something up for everyone interested to meet up. I can also add it to the community events calendar.  🙂 

So important question is - when do you have time to meet @Amaury_Van-Espen ? 


Thanks for the quick chat via private message! 😊 For everyone else, we now have a date for a casual Devtoberfest Coffee Chat on Sep 15! 🎉 Join us: