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Can you "walk the walk" and help save our planet?

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

This is really off-topic but, on the other hand, the inspiration to organize the event I'm about to describe came from this lovely community! I hope you will discuss it with me afterwards as well!

In light of recent events and blog posts from my colleagues @mynynachau and @lenastodal - I was inspired to lead a small group of volunteer employees from the SAP Galway location to carry out a coastal clean-up in my locality at Renville, Galway, Ireland. It's sad to think we have to even consider such events, but that is the reality - and every little bit we can all do helps in the end. We can all help to inspire, act, and educate.

It was a sunny but cold day for our coastal clean-up on 13th October, but Renville looks stunning no matter what the weather! On the sunny days, the locals walk there and bring their kids to the play park - there is also a marina where the boat-lovers hang out and meet. You can choose to walk around the woods, or out along the coast. On the wild wintry days, you can look out at the rough waves in Galway Bay. In short, this is a beautiful location that I want to help protect, for everyone. The event couldn't have gone ahead without the volunteers, and there was a real comradery and community spirit. We are even planning our next event already! Local passers-by were chatting with us and delighted to hear what SAP employees are doing in the community. I will share some photos from the event with you below.

Coastal clean-up 1.pngCoastal clean-up 2.pngCoastal clean-up 3.pngCoastal clean-up 4.png

I guess I'm asking if you too can, have or will "walk the walk" and do your bit for the environment? Perhaps you can share your ideas, comments, actions, plans, photos with us!! Would love to hear your thoughts.


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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I love the initiative that you started, Katherine! Thank you so much for sharing! 

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