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Can we have a do over?

Active Contributor

In other words - If you had the chance to go back in time and change something - really anything what would it be?   Would you do it?

So this was an open discussion at my house and in fact on facebook.   But I'll pose it to you...

My answer was boring:

I wouldn't change anything because then I wouldn't be "me" anymore.

So the next question of course was if you had a chance to do over one thing without it changing you or those around you what would you change?

My answer got a lot different after that addition....  But I want to hear yours.  So I'll wait a bit before I give you mine, and maybe I'll change it.....


Community Manager
Community Manager

There was that one video game a dozen or so yours ago that I put a lot more cash into than I wanted to or should have, I would have done that over and simply stopped the "pay to play" otherwise many many many years ago I had a chance to make a purchase, and investment of sorts into an item and I passed. I have no regrets on these items but when you posed the question those two things came to mind.

I am me for the things in my life so I'd not change them but yeah that purchase would have been nice, although I doubt I'd be able to have it here with me now that I live overseas lol


heard a few years ago in a movie: 'We don't regret what we did, but what we didn't do...'

There were a few situation where I cut short some occasions for love/romance out of (in retrospect) false/exaggerated principles.

With some decades distance I ask myself: What could it had hurt? Met my today's wife when I was 37. Was wise enough to marry her, right away. Some additional experience 5-15 years before that wouldn't change much.

With age comes indifference. Some things unthinkable as a youth lose their edge with some decades life experience. Don't get me wrong: Some principles are vital and even sharpen in time. But quite often we limit ourselves with some boneheaded ideas we picked up along the way.

It's okay, we can't have a redo. This would trigger even more redo by our counterparts. What we can do is getting more open minded.


happy weekend,

Manfred Klein