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Best / Worst Moment at school?

Active Contributor

School any age group.   What was your best and worst moment?

I'm pretty much a follow the rules type of person - so my worst moment was when I was convinced to skip school.  Everyone else just left - smart.  Not me.  I went and signed out.  They promptly called my parents and sent me back to my class.

Double embarrassment:

My parents and the punishment.  My friends that promptly laughed at me.


Ask for forgiveness not permission.

Best - sadly - for me.  Both college and high school was graduation.  


I liked learning things at my own pace, and by myself.   Teched is perfect for that.  I determine what I want to learn in more detail.

FYI- Interestingly enough: My husband and son were not happy that they were graduating.  They would miss their friends.