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best place to travels

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Hi there, 

Some places are really incredible and are often known through word of mouth. Ready for holidays. I am ready to go...look at this 😀

Share others places that you know! 🌎

Catedral de mármol de la Patagonia


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I've been to Alaska

Seward, Alaska is beautiful

Easily Alaska is the most beautiful state in the United States, in the summertime!



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Amazing! 💛 


I can recommend Terceira, Azores! Beautiful nature and landscapes and not as much tourism as on other portuguese islands.


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Wow, the cave looks amazing! I've never been to such a green one. This goes on my travel list now, thank you! 

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Patagonia is actually on top of my travel list I have to visit. Have you been? I like hiking and if you like it as well, I can recommend Tenerife, Canary Islands. A quite small island but with lots of diverse easy and challenging beautiful landscapes! 

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I would recommend shivsamandurm. You will enjoy