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Back to being SAP everyday user

Active Contributor

It's been a long while since I posted in the SAP community, but with the new launch I thought I would stop by at least once.  I was relatively active here from 2005 to 2015 with a focus on SAP CRM.

As the topic implies, I recently became an everyday user of SAP products (or at least during the work week).  After SAP finalized the acquisition of LeanIX, I now utilize an SAP product in my daily work.  At least in 2024 I'm not using the SAP GUI, however it's not the way I would have expected it to happen.

Anyone else here with similar journeys?

Take care,



Active Contributor

Good to have you back!  And I think I owe you a picture of the Royals-St. Louis 1985 shared World Series award I saw in a St. Louis pizza place

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

It's great to see you again if even virtually.  Now maybe that you are back in the SAP space again, we'll bump into each other at an event in St. Louis.