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Animals.... Which is your favorite? Least favorite?

Active Contributor

So this post is for me!   I love animals of every kind so it's a hard question to answer...    Pick only one!

My favorite is dogs - basically because they live inside with me.  Provide great emotional support, and they train us really well.   My Piggy (Really a lab)  pounds on the floor with his foot when he wants me to get down and play or pet him.   If I ignore him - he then will mumble and grumble - the last try is barking at me.   Yes he rules!  He gives amazing hugs and will let me - on the occasion I need it - cry on him.  He knows all my secrets.   I'm de-aging him.   Instead of adding 1 year to his age on his birthday, I subtract one.  My cats do come in a close second place.  And yes I so lucky to have so many animals to love.  Honestly, I think they own me more than I do them.

My worst - This is HARD.   Very hard to decide.   For me, even though I know they are good for the environment it is hornets.   Why?   I'm very allergic to them.  I've been known to calmly slow down and stop at the side of the road.  Next I do a little dance.   One time the stupid thing went down my top.  You guessed it, cars where driving by and I had my shirt off.  Luckily not for very long.

And so.....   Drumroll here...   What is your favorite and/or  least favorite.  No psychoanalyzing- just plain fun!  I know we have another post somewhere about adding pictures.


Active Contributor

My favorites' list would be endless, but I think it's the orangutan. I love the peace they transmit (even in the zoo, the only place I can "feel" them).

The hatest is easy, and by far. The human being. I think Agent Smith's speech in Matrix summarizes it all.

Active Contributor

I enjoyed visiting South Africa in 2017 - meet Ntombi, the friendly cheetah:

Photo by Ingo HilgefortPhoto by Ingo Hilgefort


I can't decide on least favorite...maybe the noisy ducks I see on my walk home everyday?  But they are beautiful, so hard to say if they are really my least favorite.


Favorite: Cats(any feline form from small to tall).

Favorite (Fantasy); Dragons(unrivaled majesty)

Most hated: Parasites

Community Manager
Community Manager

I just love dogs!!!

Their spirit, cuddelness and loyalty. I had a couple of dogs when I was little and hopefully in the near future as well.


Community Advocate
Community Advocate
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Great timing on this question since today our pup turns 5! Our boxer pup Oscar gets treated like a members of the family. Oscar is by our side every day and every minute of the day. If we go out to get the mail and come back in he acts like he hasn't seen us in weeks😀It helps me understand why pets help people through the most difficult and glorious times in life. I can't wait to hear your pet story!

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