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Account merge, Universal ID and P and S users

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Hi all, don't know really where to post this, I looked for other topics but they were old, prior the last migration.

I have a personal P account, and a work S account. I merged them before the migration following the appropriate topic. Now I seem to rely on Universal ID everywhere, but in some places (like here in the community) my personal email is used (notification and so on goes there). I wander in to change back to work email.

Even worse, when I conect to SAP for me it uses P user so I cannot see systems, notes, KB and so on. I probably messed something with settings, but I am not able to revert to S user settings.

Any suggetion to where I should look?


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> where to look?

This looks like you need to escalate the community team if your accounts are scrambled. You can have multiple access profiles with one UID I thought.

Ask here - "Please reach out to  " if all else fails.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @IgorBrusetti - as @JimSpath also mentioned below. We can help you, please send an email to

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glad for this post, I have a thread running on LinkedIn that seems to be related/me seeing a similar topic.
But a struggle of where in SAP to raise this, as I'm seeing it not only on SAP community.  Feels like at some point either the certificates or SAP's back end process gets confused and picks one of my identities.  I haven't been able to define a clear problem scenario/cause; it is sporadic for me.

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Universal ID is kind of only like a wallet of your SAP accounts. The problem that you face comes down to many "legacy" services (like SAP4Me) still using SAP IAS as primary identity provider, where your account is set the first time you log in with Universal ID and select an account. Originally all services were supposed to implement an account switcher but that never happened.

So to switch accounts, go to (IAS) and logout. Then log in at the SAP service and Universal ID will prompt you with the account selector. Select the account you want to use. Rainse and repeat. It's a bit tedious but works.

Additionally, if you want to use multiple SAP users at the same time I can only recommend using a browser plugin like Firefox's Multi-Account Containers.

Sebastian Schuck

PS: To set the contact email for the Universal ID context go to (account without s!) -> Personal Info -> Edit Icon -> Switch the Universal Email ID

Note: Any email linked to the universal ID can be used during login with Universal ID.

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From an ongoing thread I've got open with SAP (community support), seems Community is one of those SAP areas which doesn't let you choose identity after logging onto universal id - seems its set with the first identity used to access the community.

Frustrating a bit, forces different way to work, but is what it is.


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Odd. I still get the popup allowing me to select my P or S account. 

What bothers me is that I keep having to log in.

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I'm not exactly sure which route community took in the end. But as we had to select a "primary P-User" at the community account merging tool, it could be that community is mapping UIDs to those "primary P-users" in the background. If that's true, the account selection during login would not matter at all.

Maybe @craigcmehil can tell more about the details.

Similarly, the main page uses the UID as identity, but maps it to the "last selected" user in the background. Causing all kind of weird behavior if you decide to log in with another user at another sap service in-between.

please see this response Permalink you can contact us via email so we can connect it with the support teams.