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A SAP Analytics summer challgenge - #100DaysOfSAPAnalytics

Active Contributor

Hi Coffee Corner!

Maybe you know challenges like '100 Days of Code' or '66 Day Of Data'. These challenges try to establish habits to do things regularly and consistent to make progress in topics you like or need to know.

I started some days ago '100 Days of SAP Analytics' - #100DaysOfSAPAnalytics as a kind of challenge over the summer (20 weeks) to read at least one SAP Community blog a day about a (let's summarise it as) SAP Analytics.


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As I'm more in strategy than in implementation of SAP Analytics my focus is possibly very broad. From BW, BusinessObjects BI, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud going to HANA, Data Intelligence, Machine Learning, Conversational AI to topics like SAP IQ or SAP S/4HANA Group Reporting.

My experience is I find sometimes time and sometimes not to read blogs. Sometimes you see 5 interesting blogs published on one day but your day is already full to find time read all of them. Then possibly some of them lands in my bookmarks and stay there for a long time. This is especially true for longer blogs.

In general, blogs help me a lot not just to understand what technologies are for but rather what can be done and when does it make sense to use or discuss them. For me blogs are very useful. But it doesn't help to know there is a blog. I need it in my head to connect it with my knowledge, my experience and other new information about these topic. Therefore I decide to read at least one blog a day (at least Monday to Friday) and send it out via social media (Twitter) to share this.

This challenge even forces me to work with SAP Community blogs more intense than just reading one a day. I maintain a list with all the blogs and try to find the best (from my perspective) about this topic to make it more worth to read it. So I'm a lot in discussion with my self and read sometimes several blogs about the topic and try not to send out something what is already covered or give better insights by other blogs.

Current blogs are:

  1. Analytics in S/4HANA – real shape of embedded analytics and beyond embedded analytics 
  2. Data management concepts and techniques in SAP HANA Cloud
  3. SAP HANA Machine Learning with ABAP Managed Database Procedures in SAP BW/4HANA
  4. SAP (Sybase) IQ – the hidden treasure …
  5. SAP Data Intelligence: Create your first ML Scenario
  6. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP BW Bridge: Overview and Technical Deep Dive
  7. Building Intelligent Scenarios and Sustainability on SAP BTP
  8. Introduction of the end-to-end Machine Learning operations with SAP AI Core
  9. Build Your Own Model with TensorFlow in SAP AI Core for defect detection
  10. Sound-based predictive maintenance with SAP AI Core and SAP AI Launchpad
  11. SAP’s One Domain Model and Domain Driven Design
  12. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, Data Marketplace: An Overview
  13. Bi-directional Data Exchange for Individualized Data Products in the Data Marketplace
  14. How to Monetize Your Data and Address 400,000 SAP Customers on the Data Marketplace for Data Warehou...
  15. Distributed data and cross database access in hybrid cloud landscapes with SAP HANA Cloud and SDA
  16. SAP Business Technology Platform Showcase – Overall end-to-end DemoSAP BTP Showcase – Load data into SAP Data Warehouse Cloud
  17. SAP BTP Showcase – Access the SAP HANA Cloud database underneath SAP Data Warehouse Cloud
  18. Expose SAP Data Warehouse Cloud artefacts as OData v4 service
  19. The importance and value of OData in the SAP ecosystem
  20. Read:

What I also would like is to find and read more good blogs about end user experiences as most of the blogs I currently have on my list are from SAP.

Would be happy to see you following the hashtag #100DaysOfSAPAnalytics on Twitter and comment or make recommendations.

Happy to hear what you think about such a challenge, if you know from similar challenges or if you see very good blogs about SAP Analytics you would recommend.