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24 Days of SAP Community – Door 15: Knock, knock. Who’s there?

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Day 15.png

It’s only me, Katherine. If you were expecting a “Knock, knock” joke then you’d better head on over to the Jokes corner. (Not familiar? Then google is your friend here!).

So, I was asked to write a personal piece of content for 24 Days of SAP Community, and I thought why not reveal a little bit about the person behind the advocate role.

Since the content is for end of year wrap-up this immediately triggered some very happy childhood memories because I thought about end of year and Christmas time. I was reminiscing about how as a child (together with my siblings) I used to leave out a pillowcase under the Christmas tree before going to bed on Christmas eve in anticipation of getting it filled with presents! Christmas was and is a special time here in Ireland and in particular Christmas Day, 25th December. As a child, Christmas is all about the anticipation, the excitement … writing your letter to Santa Claus, lying through your teeth about how good you were all year 😊 and asking for some specific presents and a surprise. Waking up on Christmas morning at the crack of dawn, the excitement mounting and finding your presents under the Christmas tree. Opening and showing to your siblings and your surprised parents (!!) what you got. Christmas has a different meaning to adults, but we still find time for the fun aspects and to “play” a little like the kids do – like dress up in our silly Christmas jumpers and meet up with friends! Oh, and … spoiler alert … if you like silly jumpers, be sure to check out tomorrow’s content too!!

Of course, there are 364 other days in the year as well!! Anyway, these days I’m not that into Christmas – there are other times of the year I prefer more, for example around October time we tend to get some nice cold but crisp weather that is simply perfect for those long autumnal walks – especially in the local woods and kicking the leaves as you go. I’m a member of a walking club here in Galway – we do a mix of hill walks and rambles. I love being out on the hills. We don’t have any huge mountains in Ireland, but the hills we have are plenty big enough to get out and get active on. Our highest peak is Carrauntoohil which is 1038 metres. I’ve often been skiing in wintertime as well but of course we can’t do that here – we would normally travel to Austria for that. For us skiing involves a lot of effort with trains, planes, and automobiles! Some of you living on the continent (Europe) are lucky enough to be able to drive to a ski resort.

I have lots of hobbies. I love indoor plants and gardening. I enjoy different crafts including rock-painting – and have painted many unique/special rocks for gardens/graves of loved ones and friends. This initially began with me teaching nieces and nephews how to do it and I ended up doing it myself (yes, still a big kid at heart). I love all kinds of music – music has always been a big part of my life from the time I played violin in a youth orchestra as a child/teenager right up until now, I still (try) to play a couple of instruments. I took up some additional hobbies during the Covid lockdowns, and in particular – painting & music kept me sane then!!! I even started painting the rooms in my house, which I had never attempted before.

Hobby imagery.png

Hillwalking at Achill Island and Connemara, and some painted rocks for friends.

When I’m not out on the hills, painting, listening to music, I love to meet up with family and friends. We have a wonderful community here where I live in County Galway – I live in a village that is in the process of almost getting swallowed up by Galway city – more’s the pity but then again, I guess change is inevitable. We have a great community spirit in our village, I know so many people here, and if I need to get a job done there is always someone to lend a helping hand or to recommend a contact of theirs – it’s all word-of-mouth here. Networking and making connections are so important in life. Indeed, I feel the same about my work environment. I moved to the SAP Community team in March 2022, and it has been a really great move – I work as an SAP Community Advocate. I love how people help and support and educate each other in the SAP Community. I’m a particular fan of the Groups because there you can find some great discussions both on and off topic. Any community member can feel free to start their own discussion too. I’d recommend to take part in or start a discussion, for example here in the Coffee Corner – indeed, my colleague Lena Stodal will even give you a badge if you participate!! The Welcome Corner is a must-visit Group as well. I recommend that all members of SAP Community visit this Group regularly – it’s a great place to get news, see what new Groups have been launched, get tips and tricks, and a great place for new members to get started!

Speaking of getting started, I’d better get finished here, there’s work to be done! As I bring this to a close, I’m wondering if I have triggered any special memory for you? Or perhaps you have a similar hobby to me but do things a little differently in your part of the world that you would like to share? Click on “Reply” below if you would like to leave a comment. I’m curious to know 😊.

Season’s Greetings to you all!

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Nice pictures and I really like the stones 🙂

Thanks for sharing!