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24 Days of SAP Community - Door 03: Favorite Music

Former Member

Hello all,

My name is Mariah, and I love listening to music. I've always been a lyrics person. For whatever reason my brain just saves words from songs.

Music has been ever present since I was a kid when it was used as a fun distraction during cleaning chores. My dad liked Weird Al and rock music. My mom played Fleetwood Mac (Rest in Peace Christine McVie) and pop. 

As an adult, I listen to music to celebrate when I'm happy, to cry when I grieve, to make it through long bus rides to work and everything in between.

When I want to be in a good mood, I pick modern pop songs or 80s music (Pat Benatar, Blondie, or Bon Jovi). If I am in the car for a short while I listen to pop music, like Lizzo, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. However, some of my favorite music is the punk/ alt pop/ emo music that I first listened to in high school. Some examples are Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, Something Corporate (and everything else Andrew McMahon has been a part of), Paramore, and more recently With Confidence, and State Champs.

What are your favorite music genres, songs, or bands? Do you like lyrics or the melody most? Do you have a favorite concert experience?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Thanks for sharing, Mariah and I am jealous about your brain being able to remember lyrics so well. I can't remember lyrics too well and usually just sing something while hoping that it somewhat rhymes. So I mainly like the melody and ryhthm. Might explain why I like listening to Techno (usually not that many lyrics), especially when I go out. At home, I am more the melancholic kind of person and listen more to calm songs. 

My Spotify recap tells me that my favourite artists were Edwin Rosen, Philipp Poisel, Ruth B. (that was mainly due to only one song), Ry X, and Thomas Lizzara. 

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@lenastodal - it is great to get annoy my loved ones by singing at them when a song I deem "a classic" comes on. I have trouble connecting with techno/ electric music that does not have lyrics. 

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Hi Mariah, I am definitely a lyrics person, too. On the one hand, it is great to know exactly what the song is about and not only listening to the melody, on the other hand though I just can't "just listen" to songs but when hearing them the first time, I immediately pay attention to the lyrics. 😁  
You mentioned Ed Sheeran, and I believe this was one of the best concert experiences of mine. I've been to a lot of concerts already, however this was the most recent one here in Frankfurt this year and it was just stunning, you were immersed in another world for a certain time (which I feel most of the times during a concert). 😍


@lauraschmitz I am the same way! I know what you mean about not being able to "just listen" to a song. Ahhhh! I am so glad to hear that because I am planning to go to the Ed Sheeran Concert on the US part of his tour next summer 😃 I haven't seen any of his past concerts so its been on my concert bucket list. I also haven't been to a concert since pre-pandemic times, so very excited about it. 


@Former Member ohh great! It'll sure be fun, enjoy it! 😊


Hi @Former Member ,

it's definitively metal. In all variations. Why? Because it's timeless. The other day "U-Tube" jumped to a live concert of Metallica. They also played Songs of the first albums. The songs are over 25 years old and would count as oldies. Do they sound old? Not at all. Iron Maiden, Manowar, AC/DC and many more. Didn't lose any of their edge. Keep on Rocking...


Thanks for sharing @manfredKlein ! I'm not a huge metal person, but I like the occasional Metallica or Five Finger Death Punch song on some days. 


Happy new Year, @Former Member !

For me it's the other way round. Occasionally something soulful (e.g. AHA, or some other 80ies) is just fine.


Happy New Year to you too @manfredKlein ! Ahhh, good choices, but yes I see it is flipped from my preferences. 


I love rock and roll forever and ever.

My hobbies is being a songwriter and music producer as well.

Coming soon, I will share my first song on Spotify.


Wow @alejandro-f , that is so exciting! I hope all goes well with your first Spotify song! 


Hi Mariahblake,

Music is my peaceful connection to my soul. I like rhythm and blues (R&B) and classical piano. kindly thank you for your sharing. 

My question is can we recreate songs that we listened to using another interpretation of the lyrics? 

kind regard 

Former Member

Hi @WHerve ! Thanks for sharing. It is an interesting question. Especially since everyone interprets lyrics differently and can apply them to their own lives versus the artist's original meaning.

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Absolutely! Can we use SAP tools to design this kind of idea? What do you think?


Former Member

@WHerve - I am more functional than product focused so I can't say but maybe someone with more technical knowledge would be able to weigh in. 

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Okay! I understand. Let see if someone could be interested to weigh in. Kindly thank