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We are thrilled to introduce you to SAP Community Chennai, a dynamic platform dedicated to fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation in the realm of SAP technologies.

This page aims to bring together professionals, enthusiasts, and experts from Chennai and beyond to exchange ideas, discuss industry trends, and build a strong network within the SAP ecosystem.

At SAP Community Chennai, we believe in the power of collective intelligence and the transformative potential of collaboration. Whether you are a seasoned SAP professional or just starting your journey, this vibrant community provides an open and inclusive space for individuals to learn, grow, and contribute.

Curator: Prasath Elumalai (@Prasath)

I am delighted shared that I will be curator of SAP Community Chennai. With an exceptional track record and deep expertise in SAP technologies, Prasath brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for driving community engagement. As an advocate for continuous learning, I have committed to facilitating meaningful discussions, organizing insightful events, and sharing valuable resources to empower community members in their professional pursuits.

SAP Community Chennai will serve as a hub for connecting like-minded individuals, empowering them to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in SAP, and fostering a collaborative environment where everyone can thrive.

Key Objectives:

SAP Community Chennai is dedicated to achieving the following objectives:

  1. Knowledge Sharing: Encouraging members to share their expertise, best practices, and real-world experiences, enabling others to learn and grow in their SAP journey.

  2. Networking: Facilitating connections between professionals, developers, and thought leaders in the SAP space, enabling fruitful collaborations and the exchange of ideas.

  3. Learning Opportunities: Providing access to valuable resources, webinars, workshops, and events to keep members informed about the latest SAP innovations, trends, and technologies.

  4. Problem Solving: Offering a platform where members can seek assistance, share insights, and collectively solve challenges encountered while working with SAP solutions.

Join SAP Community Chennai:

We invite all SAP professionals, consultants, developers, and enthusiasts to join SAP Community Chennai and become part of a thriving ecosystem of innovators. By actively participating in discussions, asking questions, and sharing your knowledge, you can contribute to the growth of the SAP community and enhance your own professional journey.

Stay tuned for exciting updates, engaging discussions, and valuable resources that will empower you to excel in the SAP landscape. Together, let's embark on this transformative journey and unlock new possibilities with SAP Community Chennai!

For more update about SAP events in Chennai. please follow LinkedIn Page SAP Inside Track Chennai 

Remember, the power of collaboration is boundless, and with SAP Community Chennai, you are never alone in your SAP endeavors.

Welcome aboard !!





Great. Happy for ur efforts creating a community for chennai SAPians. Good to go with a good start.👏

SAP Community  

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Don't forget to join or subscribe to this group @Zakir_hussain - simply click the 'join' button 😊



Active Participant

Good luck for a success full event, feel free for any kind of help too


Happy to see Chennai SAP group, make it useful