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Hi Experts,

I am SD consultant having around 3+ year of experience, been worked as a core team member of 2 end to end implementation project and support to my client.

A month ago I changed my job I got into the other organization. When I checked with my lead before reporting in this project he said it is SAP support project and I agreed for that thinking purely SAP support one. Later I came to know that this project, here we are using automated process to take up the data through batch management/Idoc ect.. And current role is to monitor the batch keep on informing the users all over the world. And taking care of small issues and it is very sad to say that I didnu2019t have authorization to make changes in configuration settings. I shocked. I interested in to work in complete SAP issue not all about monitoring of batches/Idoc and bit SAP issues. I am not kept this thing to my lead since today exactly one month completed in this project. I donu2019t now what to do next I have few options in my mind.

1. Informing to lead and check with HR asking for change of project ( not sure that they will agree for this and also if they asked me to sit in beach again it is big head ache )

2. Compromising and staying here for another a year please later asking for project change, learning new tools and new process in this project.

I am really in confusion state please provide me your valuable input it helps me a lot. I know that only SAP experts can understand and give right decision.

Thanks in advance your time to responding.


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G. Lakshmipathi

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hi manoj,

this is to inform you that,

as a consultant you have to design the business process and conveinence the client on the same.

this happens for every one or consultant.

since monitoring is not sufficient for a consultant.

learn the process there called IDOC & BATCH MANAGEMENT. compare the same with your previous experiences and then learn in this project what is left from you as a consultant.

hope this clears your issue


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Hi Balaji,

Thanks a lot for your suggestion and it is really motivating me, what you said is exactly right. here I can learn things. I am worried about after some period of time I should not forget configuration stuff.:) As a master what you suggest me about my carrier after period of time ? Awaiting for your repy..

Thanks one again

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I should not forget configuration stuff

The simple thumb rule to overcome the above is PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE on your own.


G. Lakshmipathi