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which one will have better career (BW+BODS) or (BO+BODS).

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Hi All,

I want to know which career path will have better roadmap for next 10 years, (BW+BODS) or (BO+BODS). I have started my career with BW, and now I am planning to to learn some other SAP Module,i.e addon to BW, which will progress my career.

Can anyone suggest me that is my Idea of learning BODS will help me or not? If not please suggest me some other path..


G S Ramanjaneyulu.


Former Member
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Hi Ramanjaneyulu,

BW + BODS is the better option

BO is like there will be continuous changes happening so its like a continuous learniung and when a certain tool will get outdated is not sure. Today its there and tomorrow something much better comes up.

So its your choice how you want it to be


Manasa Chindam

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Hi Rama,

Why do you want to restrict yourself on learning on this combination.  My colleagues all are BW, BODS and BO Consultants.  If any project require specific, they split depends on the project or whichever they want learn more.

Nowadays, it is very common for consultants that they know two or three modules or systems.

You already know SAP BW... so learn BO next and then BODS or whichever you like.

BO is very good in Market currently on Dashboard and Analytical.



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Thank you Gopi for your good suggestion.


G S Ramanjaneyulu..

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in my experience I have not seen projects with BW and BODS combination. Surely I have seen BO with BODS projects.

Go for BO with BODS .