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Where to learn SAP? Functional or Tech module, employability for freshers.

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Hello everyone,
I'm a graduate (fresher) from Computer science background. I want to learn SAP but i found very less resources regarding it. Basically, i'm from Hyderabad, India. Some people said that getting trained from SAP educational Partners would be worth learning in terms of knowledge and placements. In the other hand, there are some regular institutes in Hyderabad which can provide me the same course. I can find that SAP educational partners provide sophisticated environment but do they provide world class or at-least high class teaching facility?

Firstly, i need to know whether if i learn the course and get my certification clear, then will i get the job easily as i'm a fresher? Because, people said its tough out there for freshers like me in ABAP. This situation is same for all the modules or only for ABAP?

Secondly, I should be frank with you all that, i don't know much about SAP modules. So which can be good to learn or having higher chances of employability and scope in the future? I know i'm greedy but i need a very good nice to settle down soon. Because, there are something that i need to do further. I need to establish a firm actually after some years of industrials exposure. So please guide me a module regarding sooner employability and start up point of view, if not only employability right now.

Thirdly, SAP educational partners would charge around 300,000 INR for SAP modules. Should i go for it? or learning from normal institutes and get cleared with my Certification?

Note: Say the modules which have openings for Freshers. ( Please tell me how to choose between functional and technical modules and their benefits)

Thanks for listening my silly questions.

Waiting for your responses.

Thanks & Regards,


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Hello Uttej,

First of all- learning new things depends on individuals and his flexibility, his interests. As far as I am considered, I don't think learning ABAP is difficult. It is similar to other programming languages. Knowing C,Java basics would be added advantage to grasp or understand concepts of ABAP faster.

Since you are from computer science background, you would have already had a flavor of C,Java etc.

Choosing between technical(ABAP) and functional depends on your interests and how to want to move on in your career path. Technical is more to do with coding, development, designing the business logic, business scenario, whereas functional role in any modules like Finance, HR,Sales & distribution, QM,Plant maintenance, MDM, etc,. is more to do with interaction with clients, understanding the business scenarios, requirements, business processes, and providing the details to technical folks for development. You can browse through SCN for more inputs on different modules and understand which suits your interests and take it forward.

Note: Even for ABAP, depending on the customer, project, client interaction will be required.

You can refer the below link, in which I have provided some inputs which might be useful to you.


M M Jaffer.

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For your back ground better to learn SAP ABAP.

If your financial situation and your confident enough on your ability you can directly join in any authorized SAP training partner.

If you are not confident enough to pass the certification at a time better join in unauthorized institute later you can join in authorized training partner so that by the time when you attempt to write certification exam after SAP training you would be learning two times, your confidence gets increased in this process.

why am advising the above process is if fail in first  attempt  next time again you need to keep ready 39K INR for 2nd time attempt of writing SAP exam.

I prefer SAP online training only rather Class room training.if you follow the above process 100% you can go for online training. which is enough.

in 22 days class room training you wont learn anything wonder. rather you can go for online training so that you can refer at least two to 3 times of the same syllabus.

I would always suggest try with SAP certification. Especially for freshers you take any SAP module. companies prefer with Certification only. All the best.

Please let me know if you need any further help.

If your financial situation supports to invest 2 lac rupees don't wait. join immediately. Later you can earn that money. But don't waste time by thinking allot.