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What to Choose Between BO/BI and BASIS

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Hi Everyone,

I have a work experience of two years with Network Operation Centre but I always had interest in SAP. I want to learn a module in SAP.

I am confused between BI/BO/BASIS as i find them all interesting. But have to choose one please help in figuring that out. And please suggest me which one will be better with respect to growth and the prequisites required to learn them, like what is required to learn SAP Basis, and what is required to learn before learning BI or BO to become intermediate or above beginner. Waiting for your replies..



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Hi Ishan,

The job opportunities in BASIS for freshers is not so high at the moment based on what I have heard from different people and from some of the posts in SCN. Further, SAP BASIS is all about Installation/maintenance/updating/upgrading/migrating the SAP products from a technical stand point. You should do some research about the job opportunities in BI & BO and then decide which one you would like to pursue. Look for the older posts in SCN as well as keep reading the new posts on jobs in different domains in SCN. You can also check with recruiters/job consultants and see people from which module/skill are in demand at the moment. Make good network of professionals at SCN as well as LinkedIn. A lot depends upon your skill in research and exploration.

Thank you,

Nagarajan Viswanathan