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What is the scope after 1 year apprenticeship training in sap mm and pp at BEL?

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As right now I am working in BEL as apprentice trainee,i am being trained on sap mm.Some are saying that apprenticeship doesn't add much value to your profile but I think I am learning here and right now working on real time projects too.kindly let me know that, are there any job opportunities after completing 1 year of training(if I gain knowledge from here).If not what extra should I do to get a job?I am really worried about it.Please do reply


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Predominantly, in such of those product based industries, transactions would be customized to suit their specific business process and lot of code validation would be there. Whatever you gain knowledge in your training, it will only help in that particular organization, from your career point of view. But when it comes to market, your profile will not be considered, unless you thorough with standard MM process. Spend minimum two hours time daily in front of SAP, practice all standard process with standard transaction codes. Have a cordial relationship with end users who are doing MM transactions on a day today basis, raise queries from business point of view, why they are doing that and wherever they face any issue, involve in all those discussions, even if you are not providing solution. With that sort of atmosphere, you are not only learning SAP MM but also, from domain point of view, you learn how the procurement process would take place. This will be an added advantage once you gain some 1 or two years experience with your current employment. Till such time, you need to have patience

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Learning is always a good thing to have, so learn more on the modules you belong to, do not just stick with the process you are currently doing in your current company.

Also you can join some startup companies to scale up your learning curve.