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Welcome to Career Corner

Community Administrator
Community Administrator

Exciting times ahead and I am so pleased to welcome each and every one of you to our new Career Corner! So what is this space and what can you expect here?

Career Corner on SAP Community is the place where professionals find their path forward in the SAP ecosystem.

We know the SAP ecosystem is vast, with many ways for individuals to navigate a successful career path. With all that opportunity there are inevitable questions:

  • Which certifications should I pursue?
  • What kinds of roles should I explore?
  • Should I pursue a leadership role, or focus on my technical skills?
  • How do I transition my existing skills to new areas of focus?

Career Corner, this right here is the place to explore those questions and get advice from experts. You can start discussions, read about experiences through the blog posts and of course you can view offerings from customers, partners and even SAP directly.

You can filter and sort by labels, search by product and of course simply free text search.

First and foremost though click that "JOIN" button so you can stay connected and get notified when new content is being added. You can also also subscribe to specific products.




I am a supply chain student at Lambton college, and still trying to find my way around SAP. Though still quite confused about my preferred path, I'm happy to be part of this community.

Hi and sorry for the delayed response.  I recommend looking at the free course offerings at as a start.


I'm grad student learning about data science, machine learning, & artificial intelligence and its use in the healthcare & life science field.  

I'm making my way through the Introducing end-to-end business Processes course.   It mostly reminds me of various accounting courses I've taken.

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Hi LockhartTech

How has your learning been? Any updates you can share?

Hope all has been well thus far.


Hello. I am a new grad as of May '22. I held two internships with no exposure to SAP, and all the jobs I see want me to have lots of experience in SAP. Besides the end-to-end learning, what else would you recommend to help me to get employed?  My major is Management Information Systems. I have been unemployed since Christmas '22. 

Hello NewGrad22... There are a few considerations here... With SAP you have 3 routes: SAP, customers, and partners...there are jobs at all 3... You could get a job, for example, with a customer who happens to use SAP technology and get exposure that way. Also, there are post graduation jobs as interns to get SAP or other business/IT experience.

You may want to take a learning journey such as Low-Code/No-Code...other free Learning Journeys... or check out OpenSAP to build up your skills and credentials.  

For business Citizen Developers check out my recent blog, Business Teams Can Create Their Own Apps (with Occasional Help!).

Start having informational discussions with your university's alumni and experts who have the types of jobs that interest you! 

Keep us posted on what works! SAP is a great career journey with many options and approaches!

I would also recommend taking all the free courses at - I think that shows motivation as a prospective employer if someone takes those courses.

Super helpful. Thank you TammyPowlas.

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I am a Mechanical -Marine Engineer and I am looking forward to begin my journey In SAP Ecosystem.I found SAP PM as one of the module where I can utilize my domain experience.But I am confused with regards to the Job market for freshers and specific to PM as niche module to explore. Looking for some advice and suggestions. thanks

By PM do you mean Plant Maintenance?  If so, I thought I heard SAP has over 16K customers using PM around the world so I think the market would be good for Plant Maintenance.  I recommend getting familiar with S/4HANA and "EAM" (enterprise asset management) and also in the S/4HANA Cloud.

SAP released new courses for EAM at 

Amit.... Some very good insights from Tammy! Here's a few additional spots to check out...

Look for community members that blog, have expertise, and in a professional way ask them for informational insights (by email, post a blog comment/question, or if they have time for a brief chat, e.g. 20 - 30 min). There is a market for SAP PM and that which surrounds it.

From my experience a compelling business trend is "predictive plant maintenance" and how it relates to machine learning (e.g., SAP Intelligent Asset Management) where the issue is identified before it happens. Here's 2 SAP Innovation Awards 2023 examples: The Critical Importance of Intelligent Asset Management and Maintenance Reliability and Adopting Advanced Mobile Maintenance Solutions to Achieve Operational Excellence (Note: Both customers worked with partners!:-)

Keep us posted on how you make out! Good luck!



Hello Rich ,
Many thanks for your kind revert to my query. What I understood so far is that as of today  SAP Plant Maintenance is a sub part of Intelligent Asset Management ? Kindly correct me if I am wrong , and to learn about SAP PM it is better to go through learning about IAM ,right ? that should be my right approach ?


Amit.... Hi! There are others who know more about SAP PM. With that said, there's an upcoming course, PLM300: Business Processes in Plant Maintenance, which is in multiple global locations and virtual. Also, I found this book, Configuring Plant Maintenance in SAP S/4HANA. And other SAP PM books

The SAP Help Center has a section, Overview of Plant Maintenance (PM). If you check out YouTube, you'll find SAP PM videos as well...

In summary, as long as there are Supply Chains...Manufacturing... and Assets... Plant Maintenance will be important. Keep an eye out for how it works with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP Intelligent Asset Management, SAP Plant Connectivity, and the SAP Internet of Things. Also, with robotics and AI... the future is bright for innovation!

Good luck with your SAP Plant Maintenance journey!:-)


I am an Environmental Chemist - graduate, also successfully completed both SAP Technology Consultant Professional Certificate, IBM Data Science professional certificate. I have big interest in SAP Sustainability Management, but I have never seen any job vacancy for SAP Sustainability Management. I want to know the career outlook of this path

Hi Winner... When you look at SAP Sustainability Management you should consider looking at the whole playing field including SAP, customers, and partners (& IBM has an ecosystem as well by way of your certificate).  Follow SAP Sustainabile News and take note of the contributors and thought leaders mentioned. When you look at the need for environmental change along with the ongoing requirements around regulatory and compliance there are opportunities. Remember there are two types of jobs: posted and hidden. So by networking you can find posts that are not on job boards. Look for compelling environment events/issues/challenges and you will start to find opportunities. With your background and pro-active approach with the certificates you will find something with continued persistence and an open mind. Also, look for assocations that have sustainability and volunteer a small amount of time!

You can also take this free OpenSAP course Getting Started with ESG Steering and Reporting for free at


What is the career prospect of sap sustainability management?


Hi I am Surajit Biswas and glad to be part and my journey in the SAP Community as SAP Consultant.


And as an SAP Consultant it will be my great experience to explore and contribute in the community.



I am new to SAP community and I would like to contribute and share my technical experience that I have gained from multiple project in which I worked globally. I am glad to be part of SAP community. 


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My age is 37, with 16 years Exp. If I learn the SAP SD course now, can I get a job or not?

My age is 37, I am a MBA Marketing graduate with 16 plus years of experince in Non IT Sales and out of 16 years, 7 years I am working with Airport in Air Freight Transportation Sector in Sales & Operations function (Ware house operations, Warehouse Management, Inventory Management, Export, Import, Fleet Transportation) in Chennai. I am stucked with my career with very low salary approx 42K per month only after covid and no more growth. So I want upgrade myself would like to shift to other industry with wider opportunity. After research , I found SAP SD would be a right module to learn, If I learn at this age, can I get a job or not? I seeks an experts advice in this regard to take a right career decision in my life.

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I m having 4years of experience.

Eager to learn from your experiences.

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I have been in IT for 25 years. My wife is back in college and is almost finished with supply chain and marketing and she has been using SAP and I’ve had to help her navigate the software and it being my first time and being technologically sound I navigate it decently well. I would like to be a consultant as I’m nearing retirement with my current job with the school system. What route should I take? What certs and beginning learning do u need to go for?  So where do I begin if I want to be on the consulting side? Like help users navigate and support the software? Thank you so much

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I graduated from HEC Paris and ESCP, used to be a data analyst in L'Oreal and Mckinsey, looking for data-related job or consulting jobs in Germany @jmmargo

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I'm a graduate in Human Resource Management with practical HR experience. I've completed training in SAP HCM and SuccessFactors EC, and I recently obtained my certification in SuccessFactors. I am committed to continuous learning and am currently expanding my knowledge in the field.

I'm seeking advice on how to land my first opportunity in this area. Most of the job openings I come across require prior experience. Does anyone have tips on how to break into the field or suggestions for positions that are open to newcomers?

Thank you in advance for your guidance and support!

Ran into this post.. thought I'd share some insights and suggestions...

#1 - Get familiar with compelling HR (or HCM / HXM) compelling trends

#2: Next look at SAP, Strategic Partners and Customer using SuccessFactor

Make connections for informational meetings.... check for job postings... make it a point to meet Chief HR Officers and their teams... see if your university has alumni at these companies... find ways to contribute... build up your brand (e.g., blog in the community or LinkedIn)...

What suggestions do others have? From the above....what works for you?


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Raj... you may want to provide a few more details about your current situation... Regards... Rich


Hello everyone,

I’m excited to join the SAP community! As a Planner EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), I’ve been exposed to SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) and Materials Management (MM). However, I believe there’s much more to explore, and I’m eager to deepen my understanding of these modules. My ultimate goal is to become an SAP consultant. Here’s my plan:

Understanding the Modules
SAP Plant Maintenance (PM)
PM focuses on managing equipment, maintenance planning, and work orders.
I’ve already scratched the surface, but I want to delve deeper into PM processes and best practices.
Any advice or real-world scenarios related to PM would be greatly appreciated.

Materials Management (MM)
MM deals with procurement, inventory management, and material master data.
I’d like to explore MM thoroughly, especially its integration with other SAP modules.
Are there specific MM topics I should focus on?

I’m thrilled to embark on this SAP journey, and I’d love to hear your experiences and insights. Let’s learn and grow together! 

Mitch... Hi! Welcome to the community. You should consider exploring the SAP Community Supply Chain Management group. Also, your post reminded me of the SAP Innovation Awards 2023, where I provided entry support for 2 stories that will provide customer examples around PM and MM... 

  • [Winner] The Critical Importance of Intelligent Asset Management and Maintenance Reliability
    Petrobras works with mission critical industrial equipment to run operations at the Buzios field representing the world's largest deep-water reservoir. Any incidents can impact workers safety, reliability, operational efficiencies, or environmental requirements. With SAP Intelligent Asset Management (IAM) including SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management (ASPM) and SAP Predictive Asset Insights (PAI) the team is now in a better position to pro-actively mitigate risks, and potential failures, by enabling proactive scheduled preventive maintenance strategies with increased availability.

  • Use of SAP Fiori to optimize initial assembly, changing and rotating tires
    Celulose Nipo-Brasileira S.A. (CENIBRA) needed to create a fleet management control process for tires using 100% of the standard functionalities of SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) in an interactive, dynamic, fast way and with a simple and intuitive user interface. The SAP solution, which includes SAP S/4HANA integration for procurement and financials, enables managing tires more efficiently, monitoring restorations, and interactive changing tires features. Today CENIBRA can collect information more accurately for proactive planning, preventative maintenance, scheduled repairs, new orders, and budget management.

Also, keep an eye out for SAP Business AI capabilities, which will transform this area!

All the best!

Thanks Rich, will look into these. Much appreciated.

That 1st story is something that I think anyone would dream to be a part of, certainly inspired me.🙌

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I live and breath SAP since 1.0 days. Done everything in SAP world. Decided a break doing other industry and business. In my slower years and hope to return to SAP world even as a junior role? What can I do to get back into SAP?